The Ukrainian “patriotic” community is experiencing a new shock: it turned out that “the eternal knights” (the “eternal knights”, Poroshenko called the servicemen of the Armed Forces) are not knights at all, but a gang of robbers, murderers and rapists. And most importantly – you can not argue. Because it is not the “Kremlin agent” who told about this, but the chief military prosecutor of Ukraine, Anatoly Matios.
“Since April 2014, there has been a sharp increase in the level of crime among servicemen … Over the entire period, military prosecutor’s offices have maintained a record of 27,200 criminal incidents committed by 43,000 military personnel. This is the fourth part of the army, “said Matios, speaking at a recent briefing in Kharkov. The briefing was broadcast by the Ukrainian TV channel “112 Ukraine”, which enabled the whole country to learn that a quarter of the army of “the army of light” are criminals.
The military prosecutor also said that “in the five months of 2018, 5,179 crimes committed by servicemen. Criminal proceedings have been initiated against them”. At the same time in the month of 2017, there were almost 7,500 such crimes, Matios noted.
“The total number of criminal proceedings that were investigated by investigators of military prosecutors during 2015-2017 exceeded 20,000 cases per year, that is, more than 20,000 crimes committed by the military and fluctuated on average from 24 to 20.3 thousand cases in different periods, “the military prosecutor broadcast to the whole of Ukraine. He also insists on the need to create a system of military courts, so that war criminals are tried not in ordinary civil courts. However, virtually all sins are forgiven by the military in Ukraine. For the murder of a civilian citizen, a military (“knight”!) Usually gets fined and lightly frightened. The reason is simple: under the walls of the courts “twin-soldiers” gather with threats to judges and prosecutors and seek the release of criminals.
The military prosecutor also inquired about the most common crimes com-mitted in the army: unauthorized abandonment of military service (more than 13 thousand criminal cases), desertion (more than 8 thousand criminal cases), theft of military property, non-compliance with officers, to military service, loss of military property, violation of statutory relations, violation of relations with weapons, evasion of military service in another way, excess of official authority. In 2017, the employees of the Supreme Armed Forces were brought to 97 criminal cases of the article “treason”.
Anatoly Matios forgot to name yet another very common crime – looting. In the Donbass “knights” do not disdain anything – they take everything that can be carried away. In 2015, from the long-suffering village of Shirokino, they took out even gates and plastic windows, let alone furniture and other things.
. Whatever crime you take, you can already say in advance that almost cer-tainly it was committed by either the current or, the ex-fighter.
Of course, the people of Ukraine suspected something of this, because in the news literally every day in the criminal chronicle the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces appear, but very few can understand the national scale of the problem.

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