The people rise against the American occupation in Syria

A decision was made to form the armed units to fight the American occupiers.
On May 2, the conference “Syrian tribes against foreign intervention and US presence in Syria” was held in Deir Hafer, which is located in the east of the Syrian province of Aleppo.
Representatives of 70 tribes from Rakka, El-Hasaska and Aleppo participated in this conference. Leaders of the Syrian communities discussed possible options for getting rid of the US military presence in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.
The option of holding a negotiation process with the invaders did not find support, since it does not rely on the real state of affairs, and it is unlikely that the Americans are ready to leave the territory of Syria as a result of negotiations.
In the end, most of those present came to the conclusion that it is possible to get rid of the invaders only with the use of military force. A decision was made to create units of resistance from local tribes, which together with the Syrian troops will liberate the country’s territory from the military presence of foreign states.
The main and most brutal battle in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic is yet to come. There is a war for the territories in the north-east of the country, on which the main oil resources are concentrated.
On the one hand, the Kurds are represented by the Syrian democratic forces supported by the United States, on the other hand the Syrian government forces and their allies, supported by Russia and Iran.
In this issue it will be important to make an agreement with the local tribes. With their support, the chances of winning are much higher. It is actually in progess now.

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