Attack on the US base in Syria

A powerful explosion occurred on June 4 at an American-French military facility in the northern part of the Rakka province in the village of Ain Issa.
It is reported that as a result of the explosion at least one person was killed, several more were injured. Such data are provided by the Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Center (SOHR).
The identity of the is still unknown.
The Turkish edition of Haber Turk, citing local sources, writes that according to preliminary data, the explosion was caused by detonation of ammunition.
It is known that on the base there are about 200 American and 75 French military, special forces and military advisors of the two countries.
As several Arab sources reported explosions were heard in the immediate vicinity of the US-French military base in the Syrian province of Rakka. According to media reports, the units of the United States and France in the vicinity of the settlement of Ain Issa may have been attacked by unidentified forces.
Two days earlier, Syrian President Bashar Assad called on the Americans and their allies to leave his country.

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