The Ministry of Health of Ukraine refused to treat cancer patients: they they’ll die anyway!

Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine sentenced all cancer patients to death. Alexander Lynchevsky frankly admitted that allocating money for a program for treating cancer patients is not appropriate.
He said this, speaking at the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine during the consideration of the report on the results of the audit of the using effectiveness of state budget funds allocated to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the treatment of Ukrainian citizens abroad. The next medical “grant”, allocated to help the head of the Ministry of Health, said that it is not appropriate to allocate money for the treatment of certain categories of patients. According to him, people “will die anyway”. Oncology portal of Ukraine quotes excerpts from the speech of the Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine:
“Regarding effectiveness. Concerning the ineffectiveness and uneconomical use of money. In the dry residue – 25 percent of patients actually die. That is, one in four is treated abroad inefficiently. Friends, colleagues! This is cancer. They will all die. They will all die without options. And the effectiveness of this program is zero percent. These oncological diseases, which, in fact, require bone marrow transplantation, end with death. Sooner or later. Transplantation of the kidney, heart transplantation, does not prolong life indefinitely, “he cynically explained to cancer patients. In social networks, a barrage of indignations immediately arose, the cancer portal suggested that Linchevsky should “personally inform the parents of cancer patients that spending money is inadvisable, since death is inevitable anyway.” However, Deputy Suprun did not think to apologize or admit that he was wrong. However, he is not worse than the Minister of Social Policy of Reva, who declared for the whole country that Ukrainians live too long and thereby ruin the Pension Fund? Contempt for the people who brought these officials into power is not even hiding. As well as the intention to sacrifice some of the biomass for the sake of saving money, which Linchevsky or Suprun will “drag” into their burrows. “The main goal of the medical reform is saving money !! So they save! “, – Tatyana Lemeshko comments.

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