Poland once again showed Ukrainians opinion about them

Polish planters will not be able to collect the entire harvest of strawberries because of the shortage of workers from Ukraine. This was reported today by the Polish Radio.
The shortage, of course, is due not to the fact that the residents of the Ukraine suddenly changed their minds about making money in Europe.
For a while, both sides were satisfied with the “visa-free regime” that facilitated the departure of Ukrainians abroad: Poland benefited from the cheap labor of migrant workers from Ukraine, and it was much more profitable for the inhabitants of Ukraine to work there than at home.
But worsening day by day the economic situation in Ukraine has led to the fact that the flow of those wishing to go to work in Poland has become prohibitively large.
According to the Ukrainian Foundation for Humanitarian Strategies, up to 10 million Ukrainians may illegally earn money in the EU, most of whom settle in Poland.
And this is a problem.
“Illegal labor migration from Ukraine already represents a big problem for Poland, turning into social tension, fights, slave trade, skirmishes and petty crime,” political analyst Alexander Asafov said.
It is understandable, therefore, that the Polish authorities tightened the entry rules for Ukrainians by adopting the Law “On Amending the Law on the Promotion of Employment and Labor Market Institutions and Other Legislative Acts” on June 22, 2017, which slightly changes the rules of employment for foreigners.
Now (since January 1, 2018) there are two documents that give the right to legal work to foreigners in Poland – this is a work permit and permission for seasonal work.
And it is not easy to get these documents.
According to the president of the National Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers Andrzej Gajovnicek, “workers from Ukraine wait for a long time for a visa, and they are not allowed to go to Poland on biometric passports, because according to the Customs Service, only tourists can come with such documents.”
The current situation once again demonstrates the complete failure of the economic policy of the Ukrainian leadership, as a result of which millions of ordinary Ukrainians are forced to flee the country in search of a piece of bread, as well as the shaky hopes of the Ukrainians for the all-round assistance of European countries.

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