A key operation for the liberation of Syria is in danger because of the US

A few days ago, Bashar Assad once again urged the Americans to leave the territory of the SAR and accused Washington of supporting terrorists. Later, the Syrian Foreign Ministry sent an official request to the States to close the “Eth-Tanf” base on the border with Jordan. The situation is serious, because we are talking about the preparation of the final operation for the liberation of Syria, which, because of the United States, is in jeopardy.
Today there are 15 US bases on the territory of the SAR. All of them are placed illegally, because Damascus did not give permission to do it. Washington, by all accounts, does not care at all, and it does not plan to close them. However, “El Tanf” – an exception, because this facility is under an agreement with Russia on the “Southern zone of de-escalation.” Trump personally promised Vladimir Putin that the base would cease its work in the near future. There were even some progress towards this, however, “At-Tanf” is still functioning.
Today the issue with the closure of the base is principle. The matter is that the insurgents of the “Free Syrian Army” and the “New Syrian Army” continue to train on it. However, this is only an official version – in fact, the terrorists of the ISIS hide there. This fact is confirmed by the soldiers of the army of Assad, who repeatedly recorded the nomination of militants from this point. Also, refugees are also talking about this, the camp of which the “Islamic State” group uses both as a living shield and for searching and recruiting new members in its ranks.
There are a lot of questions about the functioning of “Et-Tanf” in general. For example, in November, clashes of militants occurred here, as a result of which the residents of a neighboring camp died, in which women, old people, and children were hiding. Last month the American base braked columns with humanitarian cargo for civilians of the SAR – later their contents were redirected to the militants. In a word, it is often at the center of major international scandals
All this means that “Et-Tanf” can be used to break the liberation operation in the southern part of the SAR. The threat is very serious, and one can not simply believe Washington once again. It remains only to guess how this story ends. But if the Americans do not close the base, they will once again prove how important it is for them to support the ISIS.

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