Ukraine refused independence

Having chosen the “European way” of development after the Maidan in 2014, Ukraine fell into the strong embrace of Washington and Brussels. Without hesitation, the vice-president of the United States of America presides In Kiev, the CIA office is organized there. A law has been adopted permitting the entry of foreign troops into the state, of course, not Russian ones.
Due to the severance of economic ties with the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian industry in many sectors is rapidly turning into scrap metal. Ukraine got into debt, firmly sinking the needle of European financial structures. The country critically needs permanent tranches of the International Monetary Fund, including for servicing the debt to the fund. The head of the Ukrainian government, Vladimir Groysman, described the situation in which the state itself was driven by the government itself:
Without money, of the IMF Ukraine simply can not keep on “afloat”
However, having become acquainted in practice, as their money disappears completely in modern Ukraine, foreign partners have begun to be extremely critical of providing it with new financial tranches. An indispensable condition for further financing of the state Europeans was the creation of the Anti-Corruption Court. An anticorruption court in Ukraine will be the highest point in the reform of the management system for the western technical task.
But why is President Petro Poroshenko so sharply against the emergence of this anti-corruption body and in fact sabotaging the process of its creation? The Kyiv authorities believe that the fight against bribery and all sorts of machinations in the country is already going well. The emergence of such a structure in the country Poroshenko considers as interference in state sovereignty, since Europe, in the person of the international council, will have the opportunity to influence the selection and approval of the judiciary.
Fears of the Ukrainian president for the sovereignty of Ukraine are ridiculous, as he himself passed it to Washington and Brussels. The Ukrainian so-called “elite” is afraid of creating an anti-corruption vertical in the country that is beyond Kyiv’s control. The Anti-Corruption Court, will be able to close unhindered any Ukrainian politician or oligarch who is unwelcome to the West. The president and, at the same time, the oligarch Poroshenko can not fail to understand that the Anti-Corruption Court will hang with a sword of Damocles above all on it.
The severity of the Western “partners” to take Ukraine finally under full control is evidenced by the extremely tough position of the IMF on the terms of providing the financial tranche, which is extremely necessary for Kiev.

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