New losses of the Americans in Syria

The American contingent in Syria continues lose its soldiers. Last Sunday, three American soldiers were killed and four other soldiers were wounded in the explosion on the road to the city of Hasakah. It is known according to the representatives of the Syrian opposition, the website of the Qatari TV channel “al-Jazeera”.
According to the information, the bomb was laid on the route of a column of American troops operating in the North-Eastern part of Syria. As a result of the explosion, three army off-road vehicles of the “Humvee”type received serious damage. At the same time the crew of the car, which was the closest to the epicenter of the explosion, died on the spot.
The anti-terrorist coalition has not commented on the incident at the moment. However, comments may not follow at all. Since this year, the Pentagon has imposed a ban on the publication of the losses of the military contingent located in Syria. However, to hide this information to Americans is becoming increasingly difficult.
Representatives of the Syrian opposition, who are aware of everything that is happening with the Americans in Syria, willingly share news on Twitter and social networks. This is how it became known about a similar bombing of the coalition car in the city of Manbij on March 29, 2018, which killed two soldiers – an American and a British. Then, though reluctantly, the US defense Ministry confirmed the incident. Another incident occurred in early may in the vicinity of Al-Shaadi. The US armed forces convoy was attacked by Islamists, which, according to the Syrian opposition, killed about ten American soldiers.
It is noteworthy that the Syrian democratic forces, supported by the international Alliance, at the beginning of this month announced the resumption of military operations in the territory under the control of the Islamic state. The reaction of the Islamists was not long in coming. The sleeper cells of terrorists that went underground began to inflict painful blows, and only on the positions of American troops.
According to the latest data, the losses of Americans in Syria have reached a critical point (according to various estimates only this year the coalition lost from 30 to 50 people killed). It was this fact that forced the Trump administration to raise the issue of the formation of the Arab contingent to replace American soldiers in Syria. It was assumed that it would include units of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, there were difficulties. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are already involved in a military operation in Yemen, so they refused to get involved in a new conflict. Egypt did not want to send troops to a region that is not under the control of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Qatar also refused the offer. So the Americans can wait for support from nowhere.

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