The opening of the automobile traffic on the Crimean bridge and the triumphant passage of the Russian president by it do not give rest to Ukrainian politicians and experts of all stripes. The bridge literally makes them insane, forcing them to practice eloquence and make statements, one more absurd than the other. According to these statements, as according to the Rorschach test, it is possible to diagnose representatives of the Ukrainian establishment, in whose minds boundless envy is struggling with total hatred, pretty spiced with notes of insanity.
The large-scale project has been in the focus of attention of Ukrainian heralds for four years already. During this time, he predicted a complete failure, because of a lack of money, because of the lack of technology, or even because of the toxic sand that was allegedly used in the construction. Only that money and technology were found, and a mind-boggling fake about the deadly sand was not confirmed. The bridge was built. And the cars that followed it forced numerous “experts on bridges” to change their strategy urgently, abandoning their recent statements.
Repeatable as a spell “it will not be built” was replaced by “it will necessarily collapse (drown, break, disappear)”, flavored with a couple of dozen variations on the theme of the sudden destruction of the bridge. The most popular of these are the winter storm, the eruption of underwater volcanoes and unknown “divers” born in someone’s inflamed brain.
American columnist from Washington Examiner magazine Tom Rogan went further and suggested that the Crimean bridge will be bombed. After that, frightened by his own words, he telephoned the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Pavel Klimkin, and asked for help in case Russia tried to send him to the special colony of the Black Dolphin.
However, in the level of marasmus competed and more prominent Ukrainian figures. Deputy Minister for European Integration Elena Zerkal, for example, was indignant that the bridge was erected without the consent of Ukraine, and therefore it could not be built at all. And the representative of the president in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Irina Lutsenko, saw in the construction of the transport transition a violation of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, having applied to the international court on this matter. Attempted to catch his “HYIP” is the Verkhovna Rada deputy Nestor Shufrich, who said on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” that the Crimean bridge is Ukrainian at all.
“Our Crimea, the Ukrainian. Consequently, all infrastructure facilities built on the territory of Crimea are also Ukrainian, “he reported with the naivety of a fifth grader.
Peter Poroshenko did not stay aside. According to an absurd and comical accident on the day when Vladimir Putin opened the Crimean bridge, the president of Ukraine opened a medical assistant’s post in the village of Bodenki. This small event Ukrainian media was elevated to the rank of almost intergalactic scale. Encouraged by the “event of the century” in Bodenki, Poroshenko wrote in his Facebook that the illegal construction of the Crimean bridge “is another evidence of disdain for international law by the Kremlin” and promised to punish Russia.
True, if we collect all Ukrainian statements together, then we will not find anything in them that at least partially corresponded to reality. Unrelated predictions, far-fetched accusations and empty threats: that’s all that Ukrainian politicians and pro-government media have been honored. In the meantime, all of them are suffocating from their own worthlessness and powerlessness; the Western press, on the contrary, called the end of the construction of the Crimean bridge “the symbol of victory” of President Vladimir Putin and the demonstration that the Crimea has returned to Russia forever. And this is difficult to argue with.

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