For more than a week Ukrainian TV journalists, “experts” and politicians have been seriously discussing the ways to destroy the Crimean bridge. The most common variants of sabotage are ramming or mining by divers of its supports, undermining near the bridge of a ship filled with explosives, and also a terrorist attack using a car loaded with plastids. The former deputy chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Igor Romanenko, proposed to “fuck” rockets from the air or a warship on the bridge.
However, there is no doubt that the work on the preparation of destroying the bridge is not only discussed, but also being prepared. In modern Ukraine, terror has long been a means of political expression. The Kiev authorities actively use saboteurs in the Donbass and do not disdain to conduct of intimidating actions directed against the inhabitants of the Crimea. It is enough to recall the food blockade of the peninsula and sabotage power lines with the aim of de-energizing the Republic. That is why the threats of the Crimean bridge explosion by Ukrainian saboteurs do not at all look like an empty air shake.
Not so long ago, very attentive Ukrainians found two high-speed military boats in the area of the Kherson shipyard, located on the island of Karantinnom. Floats in the above place appeared recently and, judging by eyewitness accounts, they are carefully camouflaged. Almost simultaneously with the boats on the island of Quarantine, the Ukrainian military began to appear with an enviable regularity. But, what is most interesting they are acompanied by foreign citizens with a clearly non-citizen bearing.
It’s easy to guess what exactly the Ukrainian military and their “NATO friends” forgot on the island of Quarantine. It is not difficult to guess about the purpose of the disguised speedboats. In the network, a discussion has already unfolded that subversive groups preparing to undermine the Crimean bridge are preparing in the area of the Kherson plant in the regime of special secrecy under the guidance of foreign instructors.
Of course, the commission of the terrorist act (and any sabotage on the bridge will be considered just as an act of terrorism) and even an attempt to commit it for the Ukrainian government is an extreme measure, and nothing good promises. After attacking the bridge, Kiev will cross that line, after which no one will stand on ceremony with saboteurs, or with those who sent them. However, it is dangerous to rely on the prudence of the current Ukrainian authorities, which behave extremely unstably, and at times inadequately. The Russian leadership understands this perfectly. For this reason, they guard the bridge, as one Moscow journalist put it, “steeper than the Kremlin.” And it, by the way, is not far from the truth.
The Crimean bridge is reliably protected from the ground, air, water, under water, and even from space. Protection is represented not only by numerous observation posts, but also by a satellite in orbit. In the water area of the bridge, regular patrols are carried out by warships, and military aircraft patrolling it. So if “Kherson saboteurs” still try to make their “heroic” raid, then they will not even reach the bridge …

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