Ukraine is a terrorist state

As we expected – with a change in the format of the so-called «ATO» to «JFO» an operation of special forces, the situation along the line of demarcation of sides will not become aggravated, but terror will increase against the peaceful population of the Republics.
At night of May 20 to 21, unidentified people undermined the Shterovsky automobile bridge on the section of the N-21 highway, about 10 kilometers from the Red Cross intersection. As a result of a powerful explosion, the railroad and power lines were damaged. The bridge is not subjected to restoration.
We can here the usual lie about the “self-undermining” and “fatigue of columns”. Their goal is clear: Ukraine is trying in every possible way to wash off the stigma of a terrorist state. The bridge is purely civilian, has no military significance, is located in the deep rear of the Lugansk republic. Undermining the civilian infrastructure object hits civilians! This is the only road connecting the city of Krasny Luch to Lugansk. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the bridge!
By the way, it’s just for May that there is a massive “circulation for the pension” – the old people are obliged to once again mark the territory temporarily under the control of Ukraine in order to be able to receive their pension, which they deserved for many years. Imagine how many sick old people and disabled people could not get on time for a single checkpoint to Stanitsa-Luganskaya ?! And now they will have to start the draconian identification procedure again! So, what is the aim of theUkranian raiders?! The people who built Ukraine!? The Shterovsky bridge had an extremely important civilian significance. I wonder if we will hear the indignant comments from international observers and human rights activists on this matter? After all, because of the actions of Ukrainian terrorists, it was impossible to urgently transport people to the republican hospital. Thousands of students received a huge problem in the last days of the school year because of the inability to get to Lugansk in time. The delivery of products, medicines, and essential goods was disrupted. Important meetings, medical examinations, legal cases are postponed!
What is it? Military operation ?! No! It’s terror against civilians! And as if the Ukrainian side did not evade this fact – the JFO headquarters has the most direct relation to this diversion. The charge was placed at an altitude of 6 meters and was clearly laid by professionals of the subversive case.
By the way, the Minsk agreements have been violated once again. Announced on March 30 Easter eased by numerous shelling of civilian infrastructure. And the top of cynicism is the destruction of a transport artery important for the civilian population!
It does not matter which special services of Ukraine are involved in undermining Shterovsky Bridge – even a war of special services against the AFU and Poroshenko, as commander-in-chief is possible. Let Ukraine itself understands whoever wanted to “substitute” or whether it was a joint operation of the unified forces. What is important is that we have the most serious fact of a terrorist war against the civilian population, which, according to all norms of international law, must be considered by human rights organizations.
We have something to say at the next meeting of the Contact Group. We have many facts and all of them are documented. Is it interesting that the Ukrainian side will again sing to justify itself? Who among the curators of the Ukrainian project will assume the role of defender of the terrorist state?

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