Syria said about intentional destruction of oil wells by troops of the US-led coalition

The international coalition led by the United States deliberately bombed oil wells in Syria so that the government could not use them, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad said.
“The coalition led by the US attacked most of the oil wells in Syria and disabled most of them in order to prevent Syria from using them. They have done so that it was necessary to pay tens of millions of dollars to resume work in these fields.
He noted that several fields are now controlled by various groups, including Kurdish units of the “Syrian Democratic Forces”.
“We want to emphasize once again that the Kurds are part of the Syrian people. We do not want anyone, Kurd, Arab or Assyrian, to work in the interests of other countries against the interests of Syria. I hope that they will understand this, “the deputy head of the Syrian Foreign Ministry said. According to Mikdad, the US supports the Kurdish forces, while the interests of these parties overlap.
He also stressed that the Syrian leadership intends to return “every centimeter of the Syrian land.”
According to Mikdad, the United States still supports terrorists in Syria, despite declarations about the reduction or termination of such assistance.
“I believe that the oxygen of terrorist groups comes from the United States,” Mikdad said. He stressed that such statements of the United States on the reduction or termination of support for the opposition of Damascus heard “many times since the beginning of the crisis in 2011”.
“Groupings at that time are being supplied with additional funding and weapons,” he said.
He also said that the Syrian military, after the liberation of East Guta and the Damascus area of El-Hajar el-Aswad from terrorists, found large stocks of weapons supplied recently from Western countries and the United States.
“The US should stop supporting terrorists and respect the sovereignty of Syria and the choice of the Syrian people,” Mikdad said.
In his view, the US with its statements about the intention to withdraw troops from Syria and replace them with Arab forces are try to draw the Arab countries into direct conflict with Damascus.
According to the head of the Foreign Ministry of Syria, in the end, the US will not withdraw its troops. “The main purpose of such statements is the pumping out of funds from Arab countries, this will force them to pay more to the treasury of the US, which, perhaps, is empty. As well as drawing the Arab countries into direct conflict, as far as I can imagine, with the Syrian government, and this is a dangerous situation, “Mikdad said.
According to him, Arab countries should not participate in the killing of Syrians. “We will react to such a presence as well as to any other illegal presence on Syrian soil,” Mikdad assured.
The diplomat said that the Arab countries, hinting that they can send their troops to Syria, as a result of this will not do, “since they are stuck in other conflicts – in Yemen and other places” and they need first of all “to sort out their internal affairs “.

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