Realizing that it is useless to introduce a compulsory boycott to the World Cup in Russia – you can not stop fans from doing this kind of sport, so the UK decided to go by the “smart” way.
Local media intimidate potential tourists with terrible stories about the set of “unusual” rules and laws, the violation of which can lead to detention, arrest or even deportation.
Russian football fans are not all that decent Britons need to fear, local media report. As the tabloid Daily Express warns, in Russia (oh, horror) foreigners should always carry originals of passports and present them at the request of the authorities. Otherwise, vacationers will be forced to pay a large fine. The source of dangerous troubles may become a desire to constantly take pictures of everything.
And if the guests of the championship, whose matches will be held in 11 cities from June 14 to July 15, decide to travel to Russia by car, they should make sure that their numbers are not covered with mud or dust. Otherwise, the police can stop the driver and give a fine.
At the same time, British advisers compare such “unusual” laws with the orders in other countries. So, in Thailand it is forbidden to attack the national currency, because this is considered as an insult to the king.
I must say, a very accurate comparison – security measures in the UK are al-ready considered exotic.
The authors of the article, however, forgot to recall the bears in the streets. But everything is still ahead. There is about a month left before the start of the championship.
Earlier, the head of the British Foreign Ministry, Boris Johnson, compared the approaching football world championship in Russia to the Olympics in fascist Germany in 1936.
The words of this clown immediately criticized the Russian Foreign Minis-try. And the State Duma said that Russia will welcome fans from any country to the World Cup.

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