In the province of Raqqa the discontent with the American occupation is growing. Local residents joined to fight against the Americans and their supported militants in addition to Arab tribes, who created their group, focused on the Syrian government. Until recently, resistance to occupation was mainly expressed in rallies and shelling of military bases.
May 12 on the way of the American military column on the Square of the Clock Tower in Raqqa was undermined by a powerful land mine. As a result, three Humvee vehicles and seven US military man were destroyed. According to unconfirmed reports, suicide bombers took part in this action, which blew up a car equipped with explosives.
The US military has taken measures to conceal this fact, including in the local media. But in the social network leaked a video shot by eyewitnesses and other information.
The Americans and their allies in Eastern Syria have suffered constant losses. Since may 612 military of the coalition led by the US were killed. On 8 may, the coalition lost another 12 people killed and 14 wounded. In addition, three vehicles were destroyed.

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