“Good riddance to bad rubbish”

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made two sensational statements at the Kiev forum on security. First, he suggested that “to take stock the entire legal base enclosed by Ukraine within the framework of the CIS for conformity with the national interests”. And instructed the Cabinet to start the official procedure for the country’s withdrawal from the CIS. However, this loud demarche Poroshenko, caused experts to smile amazed:
Note, Ukraine, from a formal point of view, was not a member of the CIS, because it did not sign the Charter of the organization. And if it is not there, it can’t come out. But, as usual, Ukraine takes into account only what it is interested in, the rest rejects. Ukraine has signed many separate agreements and agreements within the CIS, but not globally-political, but purely domestic. For example – how to provide medical aid to the citizen of Ukraine, in other republics of the CIS. How to consider Ukrainian diploma in Russia. Seniority. And many other similar agreements. I remember how Georgia, after Mikhail Saakashvili came to power, also loudly declared “withdrawal from the CIS”, and then ran “from the back door” and asked not to terminate all these agreements. Just already done it quietly, without a drum fight.
In 2014, Ukraine also “slammed the door”, and then shut up. By the fact that it will hit first of all the Ukrainians themselves. There are millions of them in Russia, and they will be in a legal vacuum.
And the second sensation from Poroshenko. At the same meeting, he ordered to submit to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on the immediate termination of the Treaty of friendship with Russia. But, he said that it is necessary to keep in force those paragraphs of the Treaty, which states that the parties “respect the territorial integrity of each other and confirm the inviolability of the borders between them.” That is, to break friendship, and to leave territories.
However, this Treaty of friendship was concluded for 10 years and a year later (in April 2019) ends. In the state Duma of Russia a long time ago made a proposal (Deputy Konstantin Zatulin) that this Agreement is no longer extended.
Here Ukraine again acts on its system-which is beneficial, we observe that it is unprofitable – no. There are many points in this Contract. In particular, Russia and Ukraine can not sign contracts with third countries, which will infringe on someone’s interests. And, for example, Ukraine’s cooperation with NATO just infringes on Russia’s interests and contradicts the Treaty of Friendship. In fact, Kiev in this document needed only one point-the recognition of the borders of the USSR.
By the way, if Ukraine still breaks the Treaty of Friendship with Russia, it falls into a curious legal incident.
Without that Treaty the border of Ukraine should be determined automatically-based previous an internationally recognized act. And this is the act of 1945, when Ukraine (on the rights of the USSR Republic) joined the UN, and its representatives signed documents defining international boundaries. So – no Crimea then Ukraine was not listed. Crimea was part of the RSFSR, in 1991 it became Russia. It took on all the obligations and debts after the collapse of the Union.
Let’s not disturb pan Poroshenko.

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