According to media reports, the AFU soldiers at the forefront in the delimi-tation zone of the border for a long time do not get food, and therefore, in order not to die of hunger, the soldiers are forced to look for other ways to obtain food.
Local residents of the frontline zones report that Ukrainian military officers go to the villages and sell weapons and diesel fuel. At the same time, both money and food are asked for as payment. At the same time, the villagers say that mostly the young guys do it.
“Earlier there were other soldiers, they without demand took away every-thing that wanted from us, and new probably still weren’t too embittered therefore sell us fuel, and some even the weapons. But do not take it. «We don’t need it» says one of the locals.
The plight of the national guard battalions in the Donbass region has been discussed for a long time. The General staff of Ukraine, despite a massive state-ment about the supply of the army with modern combat ration, does not provide it in reality, and even a piece of bread is a problem. Together with the highest ranks, money for food, stay in pockets of officers.
Basically, the modern Ukrainian army on the front line is fed either by sol-diers or volunteers from all over the state.

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