The German Center for international studies conducted a sociological survey, which took place on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula.
More than 2000 Crimeans took part in the survey. The Germans obviously did not expect the results.
German experts were able to find out that almost 80% of Crimeans consider themselves ethnic Russians, ethnic Crimean Tatars consider themselves 12% of respondents, but only 8% of respondents consider themselves ethnic Ukrainians.
The majority of the population of Crimea considers Russian as their native language (88% of respondents), while only 3% of respondents consider Ukrainian as their native language. It is worth noting that Crimean Tatar language is considered native to 9% of respondents.
Few of the Crimeans at home speak Ukrainian. According to the results, they were only 1%. Almost all residents of Crimea speak Russian at home. None of the respondents do not trust the media information that reaches the Peninsula from Ukraine.
The most interesting question for the Germans was, of course, the referendum. In 2014, only 8% of Crimean respondents did not participate in the referendum.
More than 80% of respondents boldly stated that they did not regret their right decision and would do the same again. Only 2% of respondents would like to change their decision.
More than 50% of the population of Crimea expected that someday they would become Russian again. Crimeans believe that the reunification with Crimea-the expected and predictable event.
Once again, the public around the world was convinced that the reunification of Crimea with Russia was the decision of the Crimeans. The most amazing thing is why this study was not conducted four years earlier.
It is worth noting that the West, which is so accustomed to talk about the “occupation” of Crimea, clearly did not like such results.

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