In Kiev, May 12, a rally of settlers from Donbass was held. In Ukraine they are called “internally displaced persons” (IDPs).
Refugees from the Donbass region, who chose Ukraine (some did it con-sciously, others went to relatives or friends), today are not needed this country. In 2014, Peter Poroshenko did not skimp on promises: he guaranteed people housing, work and money.
Indeed, at first the settlers were provided with a temporary roof over their heads – mostly former pioneer camps and boarding houses (it was summer), empty working dormitories. However, the summer soon came to an end, and by November in the summer settlements it began to live quite unbearable. The situation was no better in the former workers’ hostels, which were empty because of their emergency condition. The settlers had to look for accommodation them-selves. Almost four years have passed, but nothing has changed.
On May 12, more than a hundred migrants from the Donbass region took part in the march for the right to own their homes. Participants of the action with posters “When will the country protect us?” And “Settlers deserve their own dwelling” passed from the monument of Shevchenko to the embassies of Germany and Great Britain and completed the march under the walls of the building of the Ukrainian government. They complained that the profile ministries are sabotaging the “Affordable Housing” program, which allows migrants to buy an apartment for half the cost (the rest is paid by the state).
From the state budget this year only 100 million UAH (less than $ 4 million) have been allocated for the implementation of the program, this money will be enough to compensate half of the cost of housing for 300-350 families, currently 6,000 people are registered in the queue. Since the beginning of the year the program has not yet started, and the queue has not moved.
The program is implemented by the State Fund for the Promotion of Youth Housing, but it can not begin the implementation of the program, since the funds for it are not allocated to the regions.
All-Ukrainian association of settlers together with a group of people’s deputies submitted a bill, which provides for additional financing of the program by another 900 million UAH (about $ 34 million). There are four alternative to this bill. For example, a mortgage program with a budget of 857 million UAH. But it’s still there. Plans for residents of the Donbass, who fled to Ukraine from the war, grow only on paper, and it, as everyone knows, will endure everything.
The demonstrators went to the embassies of Germany and Britain not by accident. They wanted to apply to the embassies of those countries that provided financial assistance to resolve the issues of immigrants. In order to make the Ukrainian authorities and those organizations that received these funds, to tell the where the money was spent.
When hostilities began, the Ukrainian government said: “Move to controlled territory, do not hide in basements. ” And now the state’s assistance is only to pay 440 UAH (about $ 15) to compensate for public services. A rental of housing costs an average of 6500 UAH ($ 250) plus utility bills.
The United Nations Migration Agency and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) report “Situation with internally displaced persons” that “the average monthly income per one representative of IDPs decreased from 2,246 UAH. ($ 85.61) in December 2017 to 2239 UAH. ($ 85.35) in March 2018, which is less than the subsistence minimum. ”
The report says that “16% of the settlers stated that they are forced to save on food; 38% of IDPs indicated that they only have enough money for food; these respondents also noted that they used savings (39%), borrowing money (28%) and selling personal property (7%). ”
Should we be surprised by these figures, if the Deputy Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories, former chairman of the Lugansk Regional Military District, Georgy Tuka, frankly stated: “We are embarrassed to say that some of the settlers (we do not know the exact figures – 1,000, 100,000, 500,000 ) due to the fact that the state did not offer them attention, was forced to return back. I, as a person accustomed to be responsible for my words, do not call people from there to come here. You will not have any housing, no work, no support. ”
But the settlers still believe that Ukraine needs it. They hold meetings, collect signatures under resolutions. They refuse to accept what Tuka was talking about directly and honestly: the inhabitants of the Donbas do not need the Ukrainian state.
They are not needed, even if they support the war that Kyiv conduct on its native land.

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