What is Ukraine preparing for? In the direction of the Donbass the train with military equipment has passed

Ukraine redeploys additional military equipment to the Donbass region. Through Zaporozhye eastward it was a train loaded with tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, military ambulance.

A video on his Facebook page was published by an eyewitness named Poryvai, who supports a military operation against the republics of Donbass.
“At 12 hours 45 minutes the train on the Preobrazhensky bridge came from the island of Hortitsa to the Dnieper River and headed east. Personally, I’m proud that we have an army and we can fight back! I am glad that we have so much equipment in the army, “he wrote.
“What is outraged is the fact that the Ministry of Defense officials did not take any measures to hide these trains from the eyes of passers-by. The train moved through the day in a densely populated regional center. I have a question. And was it impossible to do it at night? Why do it at daytime? To warn the enemy? Or to frighten people? Was it possible to hide the models?, “he added.
They are Ukrainian “patriots”, they are not worried about civilians, against whom the military actions of the Ukrainian leadership are directed, but for the fact that the technology was not hidden.

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