The US is worried about the fate of the military base in Syria

A number of high-ranking officials in the US administration fear that the US military base in the area of El Tanf in southern Syria can be captured by Iranian or other pro-Asad forces, the Washington Post reported.
Officials believe that the base located in the desert may be surrounded by Shiite Units. In their view, the air strikes on these forces will only further involve Washington in the Syrian conflict.
“The fate of the base at Et Tanf points to the contradictions in American policy towards Iran. Initially, the garrison was created to fight against ISIS, but last year he had to strike several times on Shiite units that were in the region, “the newspaper writes. Now, according to some US officials, the base can be used to launch a “big campaign against Tehran’s military influence in the region.”
As the newspaper notes, “the discussion on the status of the garrison continues in the White House for a year and shows a confusion in Trump’s actions.”
The president “needs to decide in the near future about whether he is going to use the Tanf for military pressure on Iran or to fulfill the promise and withdraw troops from Syria,” the article shows.
At the same time, it is stressed that for the US allies, “the base in Al-Tanf became an indicator of America’s readiness to resist Iranian influence.”
Earlier, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that the US declared the area of El Tanf with a radius of 55 kilometers zone of influence. The Americans blocked the delivery of humanitarian aid to the nearby refugee camp “Rukban”. At the end of last year, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov stated that the Pentagon can not explain the purpose for which this base is needed, given the fact that the territory of the SAR is liberated from terrorists.

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