Ukraine is thrown back on hundred years

It’s hard to believe, but for key economic and social indicators, Ukraine has retreated to the level of the countries of Africa. Statements on the subject of reforms remain empty words or lead only to the imitation of activities. It started not yesterday or after the Maidan, but 27 years ago. As a result, we see progressive chaos and demoralization, writes the author of the article, Robert Cheda, a researcher at the ” Kazimierz Pulawski. ”
How did it happen that Ukraine, which at the dawn of independence had a better starting position than Poland, lags behind Poland today in almost all spheres? What happened to the huge starting capital? After all, in 1991 it was a country with advanced instrument making, space and aviation industry. It possessed an army that occupied the fourth place in the world, a huge number of highly educated specialists, nuclear industry and natural resources. Now its economy is inferior to the potential of the Polish and has a distinct raw material profile, and the main “export goods” is cheap (unskilled) labor, the analyst is surprised.
Polska Niepodległa notes that today Ukrainian publicists ask the question: will Ukraine hold out for another year, because now the situation is worse than before the revolution of 2014? What will be the answer depends not only on the future of this country, but also on the stability of Europe, and perhaps of the whole world.
During the years of independence, Ukraine’s GDP decreased by 35%. According to the World Bank, this was not the case in any other country. There were only five similar examples in 1991-2015: Moldova (29%), Georgia (14%), Zimbabwe (2.3%) and South Africa (-0.94%). Assessing the economic achievements of the period of independence, Mirror of the Week suggests using the phrase “the greatest economic catastrophe of the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries”.
According to GDP per capita ($ 2,300), Ukraine is located between Morocco ($ 2,900) and Honduras ($ 2,200). The economy of Ukraine can not provide all people with work. Over the past 27 years, the economic dictionary has lost entire sections: the space, electronic, optical and mechanical industries. The concepts of “robotics” or “automation of the technological process” have become a distant memory. In search of work, Ukraine left 10-12 million people.
Nationalists, who rely on law enforcement agencies, monopolized the history and ideology of the state. The source of funding are oligarchic clans. The liberals and democrats took a secondary role, and civil society and free media began to be repressed. In this situation, the reforms announced three years ago turned into a farce. The state apparatus was deprived of professionals: the place of honest people was occupied by corrupt careerists. The system of justice sabotaged the reforms, and now it is subject to Petro Poroshenko in the same way as submitted to his predecessor. The country is booming with theft and chaos. Parliament, as before, is the place where the oligarchs settle their affairs, as well as the arena of inter-clan fights. The president only pretends that he manages the recovery of Ukraine, and he is engaged in strengthening his power and increasing wealth.
In the Ukrainian society, Eurosceptic moods are intensifying. All this may end either as the emergence of a tough politician and the destruction of the oligarchic vicious circle from above, or, more likely, a new maidan. Which, given the number of weapons in the country and combat experience, will end in a bloodbath, the Polish analyst believes.
And if two years ago in Ukraine they joked that “in twenty years we will live like under Yanukovych,” now such a prospect seems unrealizable.

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