As you know, at the end of September, 2017 in Ukraine, there were en-acted odious amendments to the law “On Education”.
According to the changes, from September 1, 2018 the entire educational process in primary schools and kindergartens of national minorities will be held in their native language, in addition teachers will teach the Ukrainian lan-guage. From the fifth grade, education is exclusively in the state language. As an elective, the national language of the minority and the language of the EU countries will remain.
However, as it turned out, this was not enough, since the public figure and writer Larisa Nitsoy made an eccentric proposal – the residents of Ukraine will have to pass attestation and show how well they know the language of their country.
If the examination is successful, a certificate will be issued, otherwise, if the result is unsatisfactory, the citizen may have serious problems. For exam-ple, he will not be able to get a job.
According to the initiator, the Russian language should be used only in informal, personal communication, in any other cases – exclusively state, Ukrainian language.
We can assume that if the writer’s initiative finds a response, then the next step may be a complete ban on the Russian language on the territory of the whole of Ukraine, so it’s better to let “the Ukrainian language dominate.”
After all, according to Nitsoy, the problem of the Russian language lies in the fact that it brings the war, while the Ukrainian language bring the peace. It’s rather strange that the publicist does not mention the conflict in the Don-bass. So far, the state language could not bring the peace to the zone of the JFO (Joint Forces Operation.

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