What’s the going rate for souls these days?

As you know, the part of the “pro-Ukrainian” inhabitants of the Crimea, in the spring of 2014, left the peninsula demonstratively because of disagreement with the results of the referendum on the republic’s integration into Russia. Obviously, such “Crimeans” hoped that Kiev would give them “for loyalty” land, apartments and benefits, but as a result, almost all of them were on the verge of poverty.
Most of the former Crimeans who fled to Ukraine today live in the seaside towns of Kherson region – Lazurne, Skadovsk, Zheleznyi Port. The only option for surviving here for newcomers is the beach trade of snacks. Some of them are recruited by the Kiev propaganda and receive money for spreading false rumors about the life of the Russian Crimea.
For four years, none of the former Crimeans has received housing and benefits in Ukraine. The only “indulgence” that got to such people is the absence of a “tribute” to the Kherson policemen who “cover” the beach trade.
Many Ukrainians who left the Crimea quickly understood the error and wanted to return to their homeland, prospering as part of Russia. But during the time they worked for the Ukrainian propaganda they managed to “say so many nasty things” about the Crimea and Russia, which are reasonably afraid that they will not be allowed back.
So it turns out that for them the Motherland costs as much as the boiled corn.

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