In recent years, the United States gave so many weapons to the Syrian opposition that the latter clearly experienced an overabundance. And they decided to earn some money on this.
Just the other day, CNN TV journalists found a large number of announcements on the sale of American weapons at Syrian opposition forums. This is exactly the armament that was supplied to the “moderate Syrian opposition”. The main buyers of weapons are such terrorist groups as “Hayat Tahrir ash Sham”, “Jaysh Al-Islam”, the newly formed “Djebhat Tahrir Suria” and smaller jihadist troops fighting in Syria. And recently terrorists who bought weapons from the Syrian opposition resell it to other terrorist groups at more inflated prices.
Sellers are negotiate through Telegram, and the center for the sale of weapons to the US is the town of Idlib. The cycle of American weapons in the hands of terrorists in Syria – has become a habitual matter.
In the arsenal of terrorists were automatic rifles M16 and M4, grenade launchers, sniper rifles and bulletproof vests. CNN journalists contacted the sellers and obtained weapons photos. Serial numbers, which they saw, indicate that this weapon was imported by the United States for the “moderate Syrian opposition”. Moreover, Washington did not skimp on weapons – it was supplied in such quantities that it was enough for both the opposition and all other terrorists combined. According to the CNN investigation, American weapons from Syria have already seeped into neighboring Iraq, Afghanistan and even fell into the hands of thugs from the Islamic state fighting in the Sinai peninsula against the Egyptian army.
However, this is not surprising. Back in 2012-2013, the Obama administration helped its Sunni allies – Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar – provide weapons to Syrian and non-Syrian armed groups so that they could overthrow President Bashar Assad’s regime. And in 2013, the administration began to send weapons to those whom the CIA then considered “relatively moderate” opposition groups that often professed the principles of Islamist extremism. Such a policy, which was supposed to help replace the Assad regime with a more democratic regime, in fact helped to turn the Syrian offshoot of al-Qaida, the Front of Al-Nusra (now called Tahrir al-Sham) into the main threat to the Assad government.
The Obama administration’s Syrian policy actually undermined the process of realizing the interests of the United States, which were to become the cornerstone of the “global war on terror,” namely, the destruction of Al-Qaeda and associated terrorist organizations. In fact, the US has subordinated its interests, which consisted in the fight against terrorism, to the interests of its Sunni allies. Thus, they helped to create a new terrorist threat in the heart of the Middle East. Weapons, an avalanche pouring from the United States, helped to turn the Front of An Nusra and its loyal allies into the most powerful anti-Asiad force in Syria – and sparked the formation of an “Islamic state.”

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