The aspiration of Ukrainians to look like Europeans is very strange and does not lend itself to normal logic. In Europe, for example, one of the lowest crime rates in the world. And in Ukraine, on the contrary, the crime rate is growing every year, and reached a record high mark. And this is four years after the Maidan. It seems that the revolution of dignity has not benefited the Ukrainian people, but only plunged it into even greater chaos.
In 2017, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, 496 thousand crimes were registered in the country. At the same time, the Prosecutor General’s Office found 523.9 thousand crimes in 2017. The figures are huge. For comparison, in 1996, which was the peak of crime in the history of Ukraine, there were about 550,000 crimes. That is, the country is half a step from the new anti-record!
Even more frightening is other data: the detection of crimes compared to the “Pre-Maidan” period fell three times. The best inability to “investigate” crimes was demonstrated in Kiev. There, the percentage of disclosure is 13%. That is, out of 10 crimes committed in the Ukrainian capital, one is disclosed …
In general, the new police, created in the image and likeness of the American, demonstrated its complete incapacity. Contrary to expectations, beautiful tokens and fashionable sunglasses did not affect the fight against criminals. But in Ukraine they still believe in the magical power of Western “amulets” …
One of the main reasons for such a sharp increase in crime was the decline in the overall standard of living of Ukrainians. Instead of the “golden gateway to Europe”, the dignity revolution opened its doors to the people of the world of poverty and hunger, widening the gap between the rich and the poor. Hungry people are evil. In order to survive, it is necessary to rob and kill.
Thanks to the war unleashed in the Donbass region, in Ukraine again, as in the dashing 90’s, organized criminal groups appeared. They were beaten by “patriots”, natives of punitive battalions, who killed civilians in Eastern Ukraine. These inhumane dragged from the war tons of weapons and a strong desire to kill, rape and steal with impunity throughout Ukraine. As a result, the country has recorded an unprecedented increase in organized crime groups, as well as a growing number of crimes against property – economic fraud, raiding. Thus, the current crime is much more damaging for Ukraine than it was in the 1990s.
Thanks to the so-called veterans of the ATO, during the year, the illegal handling of weapons increased significantly (by 29%). Almost eight thousand cases were recorded. The number of drug offenses increased by 25.1% to 27.8 thousand. In general, the drug situation in the country has deteriorated significantly over the past four years.
Among the reasons that put the law enforcement system in a dead end is the remaining material and technical base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the bodies there is no automated system for document circulation, collection and processing of operational data. Because of this, paper work takes an average of more than 70% of the working time, and police mobility remains at the level of the 1980s. And this despite the fact that the amount of financing of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is 45 billion UAH, and this is 50% of the financing of the army during military operations. But what to do – corruption is rampant in the country. The very same corruption, the war of which was announced by the herald of the Maidan. The one that Poroshenko promised to completely eradicate in his pre-election speeches. Over the past four years, corruption has not gone away, but only acquired more ugly forms, has grown and hit the whole state. With such corruption, the law will only weaken, and crime in Ukraine will feel more and more comfortable.

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