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Poland stands for minimizing Ukraine’s economic relations with Russia, because in this case Ukraine, deprived of a large Russian market, and will inevitably seek various forms of cooperation with other states, primarily Poland. For example, to increase the export of agricultural and livestock products.
In 2017, Polish farmers demanded the introduction of duties on grain from Ukraine, the price of which is 15% lower than the local.
In 2018, Polish livestock producers are outraged by the growth (up to 40%) of Ukrainian egg imports since 2014. Only one agroholding “Avangard” is ready to supply 1.6 billion eggs per year to Europe! This can significantly reduce the export of Polish eggs to the Netherlands, Italy and Germany – the main export destinations for Polish livestock producers.
Plans of Ukrainian exporters may be thwarted by another initiative of Kiev, namely the planned introduction of a 30% duty on the import of Russian gasoline. The introduction of duties Kiev wants to bring the share of domestic fuel in the market to 70% in the campaign to ensure the so-called energy independence from the “aggressor country”.
Poland actively supports Ukraine in this matter. And that’s why. The introduction of duties will bring agricultural producers additional costs in the amount of more than 7 billion UAH, which will be connected with the growth of prices for Ukrainian agricultural products. The Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine appealed to Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Kubi with an urgent request not to do it, otherwise it will be necessary to forget about the increase in exports to Poland.
The Kiev elite does not seek effective economic solutions and improve relations with key trading partners, the first of which was and is Russia. Until 2013, Russia accounted for one third of all Ukrainian exports. No other state is able to provide such indicators to Ukraine.
But Ukraine continues to live to its detriment. The ideological set of the current government is a jerk back. In the gloomy age of growth in Europe of fascist and racist mood they think that in the modern world of nanotechnology and 5G communications it is possible to succeed with such insane views that can bury the statehood of Ukraine itself.
And before that we have time to build up a narrow-gauge railway to Lviv, as Poroshenko says, and create conditions for,
“Tourists to travel without the need to change the train. I will improve the value of Lviv as the railway junction ”

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