Ukrainian crisis is good for Poland

What is useful for Poland is not always useful for Ukraine. Literally every step of Warsaw is aimed at strengthening the dependence of Kiev. The most recent example is the dispute over the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline for delivering blue fuel on the bottom of the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. And further to the EU countries.
Warsaw constantly emphasizes that this gas pipeline will damage the budget of Ukraine, as Kiev will lose significant sums for gas transit to Europe, and calls on Ukraine to resist the project with all its might.
As the Polish political scientist, a member of the National Development Council under the President Andrzej Duda, prof. Zhuravsky led Graevsky (Żurawski vel Grajewski), the Polish budget from the implementation of the “Nord Stream – 2” will not become poor. Poland’s losses will be not so much economic as geopolitical: Russian gas in Europe prevents the import of American gas through the Polish port of Swinoujscie.
And what does the Polish project of gas import from the USA give to Ukraine? Nothing, except the need to buy from Poland, this gas at a higher price than Russia. Russia does not refuse to transit gas through Ukraine to the EU countries, but the Kiev top, obeys the West, acts at the expense of its own country and does not ensure a stable transit.
Russophobic policy of Kyiv calls into question the reliability of Kiev politicians as a negotiable partner for Moscow. Pan Zhuravsky led Graevsky would not hurt to recall that such a policy of Kiev was after the “orange” Maidan in 2004 and especially after the coup in 2014, which was also carried out with the money of Warsaw. Poland is directly responsible for the deterioration of Russian-Ukrainian economic relations.
Poland, in addition to gas, imports oil from Russia, but note that Warsaw has not heard any attacks on Russia in connection with this fact. The secret is that Poland supplies oil products to the EU market. And Russian oil is very necessary to it. Indignant that Russia with its gas keeps Europe as hostage, the Poles do not say that Russia keeps Europe also with oil, because Poland’s dependence on Russia is very welcome.
“Nord Stream – 2” is Russia’s forced response to Warsaw’s fraudulent and hostile policy of Kiev. Only here the Polish budget, as the Polish professor said, will not become poor from this (deliveries of Russian oil will remain), which can not be said about the budget of Ukraine.
The Polish side is trying to appear before the Ukrainian public in the image of a defender of Ukraine. Like, in March 2018, Gazprom did not supply gas to Ukraine, Poland was the first to start a reverse of gas to Ukraine. It was presented as another Polish-Ukrainian victory over Russia. Only gas was fed on the reverse, still Russian, and money for it from the Ukrainian budget migrated to Polish. And there were no supplies to Ukraine, because in Kiev they did not consider it necessary to conclude an agreement, while, according to the Polish professor, “Kiev and Warsaw signed the necessary documents for several hours” to reverse the gas.
If this was someone’s victory, then certainly not the victory of Ukraine. Dexterous Poles, branding together with Ukraine “the Russian aggressor”, managed to resell to Ukrainians bought from the “aggressor” gas and receive cash from it while Kiev stood in a proud patriotic attitude. He even “does not work” when Pan Zhuravsky “praises” Ukraine for the fact that 54% of foreign students and 68% of foreign workers in Poland come from Ukraine.

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