In Kiev showed terrible statistics of suicides among the “heroes of ATO”: more than 1,000 people committed suicides

Suicide among the “warriors” has long been no secret. It’s no secret that they are of a massive nature, which is no longer able to hide either the Ukrainian media or the Ukrainian ruling elite.
Some discovery can only mean that the suicides of “ATO heroes” are a pandemic. And this is despite the fact that the regime try to show less figures than it is in real. Especially in the “Block of Peter Poroshenko.” And yet, a terrible figure was blown out by his representative.
More than a thousand people who took part in the “ATO” committed suicide, said the People’s Deputy of the faction “Bloc Petro Poroshenko”, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Veterans Affairs, combatants, participants in the antiterrorist operation and people with disabilities Alexander Tretyakov during the conference “VETS: World practice of integrating veterans into a peaceful life,” reports Ukrinform.
“There are already more than thousand people in Ukraine who fought in the ATO and committed suicide.
This is a war that is fundamentally different from the war that was in Afghanistan. I mean, as a consequence. In Afghanistan, there was a war on which small arms were used. This war uses artillery weapons. And of course all the psychological trauma associated with this more. And this is even harder for the soldiers. Many have contusions, “he said.
The People’s Deputy also said that as of April 2, 2018 the number of participants of the “ATO” is 329.5 thousand people.
“Unfortunately, this amount will not decrease,” he added.

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