Weapons for food

As it became known, servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) sell Finnish Sako TRG-42 sniper rifles of 338 caliber to the DNR militia. This was reported by the Telegram-channel WarGonzo, which monitors the situation in the DPR. The channel even published a photo of the DPR soldier with this weapon.
It is alleged that sniper weapons can be bought from the special forces of the Armed Forces for seven thousand dollars.
Earlier it was reported that the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces sold American UAVs to the militia of Donbass. So, in July last year a video appeared in the Internet, where Ukrainian soldiers sell their drones to militiamen. The record clearly showed, militiamen negotiate with Ukrainian law enforcers about a meeting in neutral territory, in order to avoid provocations from either side of the conflict in the Donbass. They come back with a dismantled drone in their hands.
The Ukrainian army, as before, remains the main supplier of arms to the armed forces of the DPR. According to the portal vesti.ru, prices for weapons, military equipment and equipment from a supplier vary: sometimes rifles for a box of vodka will be given, sometimes armored vehicles for a set of grenades, more friquently they use money, but also not so much – 15-20 thousand UAH (34-45 thousand rubles).
Of course, such information can not be considered absolutely true, but it deserves a great deal of confidence. The arms trade for the Ukrainian military has long been a routine affair. For the majority of them, the so-called “ATO” has already lost all meaning, so it is quite natural to want to extract at least a financial benefit from this hopeless and criminal, in general, case.
It’s not just about dealing with firearms, but also about other technical means. So, back in 2015, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov reported on the sale of the AFU to militiamen of the American-built Humvee combat vehicle. In addition, Avakov spoke about a whole system of corruption-trade schemes, created by higher ranks of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for the purpose of enrichment. You can also recall a lot of such reports, exactly established cases and rumors, which, however, confirm two main facts.
The first: yes, the Ukrainian military willingly trades arms, selling it to its immediate opponents from the army of Donbass. Of course, militiamen, whose military supply always left much to be desired, use such opportunities to strengthen their own combat readiness. Second: the Kiev regime has rotted from head to toe, it is extremely corrupt and barbarously cynical, every “system screw” there tries to snatch itself something “black cash for a rainy day.” There is a complete degradation of the territory, which has not become a normal state.
We should not forget the fact that the Ukrainian army has supply problems and this can encourage servicemen to “work on” on the side with arms. In the modern world, any war in general is, first of all, commerce.
As for attempts to influence the situation from above, it is impossible to influence on what you have been smeared out? If the Ukrainian army has supply problems, then this indicates a huge corruption.
Moreover, the sale of weapons and ammunition to the “left” by the Ukrainian military has become so much a parable in the country that the anecdote is written about this phenomenon.
One of them was very popular in the days of the battles for Debaltsevo and Donetsk airport, it told about how the generals Muzhenko, Poltorak and Gelethey exceeded the plan of deliveries of armored vehicles to Africa, and the consignee of the contents of the holds of the steamship following one of the Somali ports was a militiaman named Givi …
Money, as you know, does not smell. And the arms trade, like drugs, always brings super profits. The fact of trade in sniper rifles is a vivid demonstration of the truth of the immortal words of the classic Marxist: “Provide capital with 10% of profit, and capital agrees to any application, at 20% it becomes animated, with 50% positively ready to break his head, at 100% he tramples all human laws, at 300% there is no such crime, which he would not venture to go, even if under the gallows … “. And more: on any significant scale, those Ukrainian military who are far from the hardships of the front, those who are unlikely to be “stung” by anybody’s bullet, are selling weapons. Nevertheless, this does not prevent any Bandera “avatars” from drinking off his rifle.
As for fighting this phenomenon, who will kill the chicken that carries the golden eggs? The command of the Armed Forces is certainly aware of these frauds, but it itself has a percentage of them. Otherwise, it would not rumble in warehouses in Balakley and in other similar arsenals, where the flame from time to time “devours” the evidence …

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