Another world sensation. Journalists of the American television channel visited the Syrian city of Douma. Let’s note. American television channel. Of course, the mission’s goal is to find evidence of a chemical attack. Witnesses. The affected. Relatives affected at the worst.

The mission proved impossible. Nothing and no one found. Nobody in the Douma said anything about the chemical attack. Maybe they just do not watch TV. Serious English-language channels. They were already tired there to explain what happened in the Douma. Genocide, they say, Assad arranged. Gas chambers. They just gape with their eyes and shrug their shoulders. Well, how to build a new Syria with such people? Tell me please.

Maybe Western journalists consider this possibility. To create an international tribunal with the participation of the coalition countries – the United States, Great Britain, and, well, France. With one single purpose. Those who publicly deny or deny, or even simply doubt the truth of the message – anyone – CNN, CBS, BBC and even a couple of English channels, immediately, bang, prison term! That’s the point, as the hero of Ostrovsky would say, it would have gone cheaper. And so I have to mess with some unconscious people.

What really happened in the Syrian city of the Douma, the correspondent of the American television channel One America News Network decided to learn not as most of his colleagues, after reading a press release, replicated by the White House, and, in fact, as the logic of journalistic work suggests – at the site of the alleged event . The reporter went there as part of a press tour organized by the Syrian government. Seen and heard became a sensation primarily for the American audience – according to Pearson Sharp, there are no signs of the use of poisonous substances in the Syrian city of the Douma.

He visited the hospital, which allegedly delivered the victims as a result of a chemical attack and confirmed that all this was a staged. This is a video that was shot by the so-called “White Helmets”, known for their fakes.

Sharpe talked to one of the doctors. On that day, during the attack, he was on duty. He said that it was an ordinary day, but it was very dusty, many came with a cough, with irritation of the respiratory tract, but there were no other injuries. Suddenly a group of unknown people rushed into the room, shouting that a chemical attack had occurred. They brought people who were allegedly injured and began to water them from hoses. Doctors began to help people, and those unknown, who brought the victims, began to shoot everything on video. Then they gathered and left, and that was all over. The doctor told that when people were in the hospital, he did not see any signs of a chemical attack … The people who came looked completely healthy.

The journalist himself spoke personally and with the residents of the area on which the bomb was allegedly dropped, that is, with alleged victims or at least relatives or acquaintances of those who could suffer, if in the quarter there was a chemical attack. And Pearson Sharp emphasizes – for interviewing residents he chose from random passers-by in different parts of the city to be sure: they are not stool pigeons.

None of them have seen or heard anything like it. Some suggested that it was just a staging of the militants that occupied the city at the time. They were in desperation, and they needed a trick to hide from the Syrian army that was advancing on them.

And it is these unverified video recordings and White Helmets reports on the chemical attack that became the reason for the US missile strikes and their allies in the Arab Republic. Learning the truth, an American journalist apologized for his country to the locals.
American journalist was surprised what is happening in the Syrian capital: Western media write that life under Assad is terrible – it’s not so. Trump calls him “animal”, but why then there are so many people here, they dance and sing, they did not go anywhere?!

Let’s note, “One America News Network”, to put it mildly, it is difficult to suspect of sympathy for the Syrian authorities. On the contrary, this cable channel, based in San Diego, in America is considered pro-republican. He focuses on a conservative, center-right audience. Moreover, the influential «Washington Post» believes: this network has lifted pro-trump views on a new height, and the US president responds to the journalists of this channel with reciprocity.

What suddenly changed and why Trump’s favorites turned from him 180 degrees – questions that have not answered yet. Maybe the truth cuts his eyes too, but not to all.
Other Western journalists also visited Syrian city of the Douma, but, for obvious reasons, they preferred to not to talk about what they saw there.

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