Reformers in Ukraine work without days off, holidays and even without a break for lunch. The people have not recovered yet after the launch of the health care reform, and on the horizon a new one appeared – this time taxation. The changes will take effect in less than a month.
The so-called special amendments to the tax code of Ukraine have already been approved by Poroshenko, so their adoption is a matter of time.
There are many changes, and they are unlikely to please Ukrainians, because under the new rules they will have to submit to the regional tax services not only standard income declarations. Now the declarations will need to attach all information about their marital status, information about relatives in Russia, if they are found, and veterinary certificates for pets (from cats to horses). Experts argue that all this is done for one purpose – to fill the empty government coffer. Of course, you can not take much for a cat, but there are millions of kitties in Ukrainian families – every little bit helps as they say.
It is also planned to impose a tax on childlessness and on work abroad – the government of the non-economic has long given no thought to the money that is constantly flowing from migrant workers to their families, bypassing the treasury. According to the National Bank of Ukraine, only in the first months of 2018 migrant workers sent their families $ 9.3 billion, which is about 10% of GDP, and even more was brought or given in cash.
In the 10 regions of Ukraine, the “point taxation of citizens” program is already operating in the pilot mode. Residents of these regions are forced to pay taxes on ATO in the Donbass region, to help disabled people, to support rural medicine. There is also a tax on parcels from Russia: if you do not pay, you will have to deal with nationalists, and they will find out on what basis you receive gifts from the “aggressor country”. And in some regions of Western Ukraine there is even a so-called tax, paid by people of draft age who do not want to fight with former citizens.
In the near future, Ukrainians will be forced to pay taxes not only from wages, but also from royalties, dividends, inheritance. In order to keep everyone under control, an unified database of citizens of all Ukraine will be created, and the fiscal authorities will check whether anyone has not received an unrequired penny. Also, the state will receive a basis for abolishing subsidies – the number of subsidies for the next heating season should be reduced by 30%.
Another change will directly affect private entrepreneurs – the abolition of the third group of “unities” (those who pay a fixed tax every month + a single tax once a quarter). This group employs mainly IT specialists. There are still many of them in Ukraine. The association “IT-Ukraine” is sure that the abolition of the third group will lead to the outflow of IT specialists from the country.
In the plans of Kiev – to complicate life not only for IT specialists, but for other private entrepreneurs. According to experts, the main goal of tax changes is to bleed the already barely living middle class of Ukraine.
In the oligarchic economy, the middle class is an extra link. A strong middle class is the possibility of collapse of the foundations. Therefore, any topic leading to greater freedom of small and medium-sized businesses will be blocked. Because every element of the system should be either without money, or under the control of the governing bodies – tax, power and others …
Poroshenko and his comrades promise their citizens that under the new tax system they will “pay off with the state in full”. But only Bankovaya street has not yet decided on the mechanisms of such taxation. How to realize such intentions, if the absolute majority of Ukrainians are not officially employed, people leave the depressive regions massively, and in itself the Ukrainian passport has long lost any value in the eyes of its owners?
“Our first priority is to streamline the process of levying taxes, and, believe me, we will do it!” – said Peter Alekseevich during his next speech. That they will do it and squeeze out everything that remains in the pockets of Ukrainians, no one doubts …

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