Among the performers of the staging of chemical attacks in Syria is the movement called “White Helmets” or “Syrian Civil Defense” – a private, voluntary opposition to Asad organization that on a fee basis cooperates with the governments of the United States and Britain.
The organization was founded in early 2013 by James Le Mezurie, who was a private security adviser, and before that served as an officer in the British army (in fact, in MI6).
The White Helmets headquarters are located in the UK. The organization’s activities are supported by the British government – London subsidized it for up to £ 32 million by October 2016.
The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, at a briefing for media representatives on the Situation in Syria, on April 13, spoke in detail about the role of the White Helmets in provocation with the “Chemical attack” in the city of Douma. He detailed the evidence that the Defense Ministry testifies to the direct involvement of Great Britain in organizing this provocation:
“We know for sure that from 3 to 6 April, representatives of the so-called” White Helmets “were subjected to powerful pressure from London for the implementation of the prepared provocation. The White Helmets indicated that it was from April 3 to 6 that the “Jays al-Islam” militants would conduct a series of powerful artillery shelling of Damascus. This will trigger a response from the government troops, which white-collar workers will have to use to carry out provocations with allegedly chemical weapons. ”
IA REX was asked to comment on the information about the “White Helmets” of the expert of the Information Wars Institute Vladimir Vasiliev. Vasiliev in his commentary noted the following:
“I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the White Helmets organization is headed by Sosan Asfari, the wife of British billionaire Ayman Asfari. Sosan Asfari is also co-chairman of the Executive Committee of the US-Middle East Projects.
And the organization “USA – Projects in the Middle East”, in turn, was founded in 1994 by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is the most powerful private organization (about half of its members are former employees of the US special services – information lies in the public domain on the site of the organization itself – a note by IA REX) by the impact on the foreign policy of the United States. Now you understand, in whose interests the “White Helmets” operate.
It should be noted that Americans and the British constantly use to promote their interests allegedly independent public and non-profit organizations. But how can you be independent from the sponsor who gave you 32 million pounds? ”
Thus, it turns out that the British and American intelligence agencies organized a provocation with chemical weapons in the Douma

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