On April 14, the United States, France and Great Britain made a missile strike on Syria. The usual story for the West was repeated: the members of the coalition themselves created the conditions for provocation, they themselves promptly concocted a guilty verdict against the army of Syria, they themselves “punished”. So you should not be surprised.
It is clear that Assad’s troops use chemical weapons only when their opponents are defeated and only a massive blow of the Anglo-Saxons can save them. It is clear that a former spy, is poisoned in Salisbury in order to aggravate the political international situation before the election of the Russian president. Clearly … Only for idiots. In all cases, the USA, Great Britain and France benefit from the “use” of chemical weapons. Trump, Teresa Mae and Macron rush to aid the offended and oppressed terrorists, robbing and killing the peaceful population of Syria.
In ancient Rome smart people lived, and they even in their criminal law made the following lines: “Is fecit cui prodest!” (“One did, who benefits!”).
Beneficiaries in the next Syrian massacre are immediately understandable. A coalition of ordinary scum, and in a different way Britain, the States and La belle France, know perfectly well that Assad has no chemical weapons. If it were, they did not attack with rockets. On the territory of Syria, there are military instructors and special forces of the United States and NATO, helping militants. In response to the destruction of his people, Bashar Assad is quite reasonable to un-harass the enemy in any way. It’s difficult to get ships and American planes, but instructors and special forces at their side. But Trump knows that his rudeness will go unpunished, and that’s why he gives out the order of the people to strike at the peaceful population and the legitimate army of Syria.
To justify their open disregard for international law, the Americans have already added the “Skripal case”. Americans view the real world as a comic book with evil characters and heroes in fluttering cloaks. What is amazing is that, to a certain extent, the public opinion in the West was stupefied! It does not show signs of even normal breathing.
After 1991, the United States and its allies, on far-fetched and frankly deceitful occasions, destroyed several large countries, using absolutely barbarous air raids and missile strikes from a safe distance. Kosovo, Libya, Iraq and now Syria are milestones of complete political pride, when the US and others overthrew legitimate governments, supported civil wars and invariably sided with terrorists and murderers.
Syria’s trouble is that it does not have either chemical or nuclear weapons, and there are no carriers for delivering appropriate warheads or sleep-ranks, to the same Bahrain, where American bases are located. Uncle Sam completely fell into a schizophrenic state and sober up his only adequate answers. Americans in the 60’s began to protest against the war in Vietnam, when they went to the coffins of their soldiers.
The Syrian adventure of Trump, May and Macron showed Russia what would be its fate, if we ourselves abandon our nuclear weapons. These leaders of the West will not for a moment think about whether it is worthwhile to bomb Russian cities and villages. They are restrained only by the problem of getting a retaliatory blow on the face.
But there is another question. If the coalition of scum make their affairs without taking into account international law, why should not they pumped in their own style. At least in Syria, at least in Ukraine. And one should not be afraid of new sections. They will still be toughened regardless of “behavior of Russia.” Already painfully economic sanctions are beneficial to the US for the weakening of the same old lady of Europe. And Macron and May will not say anything and will even help

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