The Syrian opposition expects to go on the offensive immediately after a possible US attack on Syria. One of the commanders of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) Fateh Hassoun said that the Syrian opposition groups will launch an offensive to return lost areas and conquer new territories.
They will try to take advantage of this blow primarily in the military sphere, on the battlefields, since these strikes will lead to the dissipation of the Assad forces, the creation of chaos in its ranks and the retreat of the regime. Such circumstances will subsequently become, in relation to the military forces of the revolution, preparatory for conducting attacks, during which it will be possible to regain control of certain places and seize new ones.
A few days ago, militants of the terrorist group “Islamic State” already attempted to launch an offensive in a number of areas in the Syrian province of Homs after a missile strike at the T-4 airbase in the east of the province caused by Israeli aircraft from Lebanon.
Trump previously discussed with his advisers a new missile attack on Syria, which should become more powerful than last year’s attack on the military base in Homs province

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