Another throw-in of the White Helmets, as a proof of the chemical attack in the Douma, was made according to all the canons of a badly-crafted counter-feit. These are standard methods, on which pseudo-volunteers have been caught repeatedly. Let’s analyze the new staff.
Twitching camera, but with a lot of big emotional plans. Hospital. Alleg-edly, the victims of the chemical attack are abundantly watered with the hoses. Children tremble – wet and naked could just freeze. Some are either uncon-scious or peacefully asleep. They spray Infants something into the mouth.
The fact that the militants were preparing another chemical provocation, Russia warned at the highest level. A week ago in Ankara, Vladimir Putin even explained why the provocation would be right then.
“As a common strategic goal, we see the final rash of terrorists, who do not abandon attempts to destabilize the situation on the ground, try to frus-trate efforts to advance the peace process. Any means are in use. We have re-ceived, for example, incontrovertible evidence of preparation by militants of provocations with the use of poisonous substances, “the Russian president said then.
Approximately a month ago, the photographs appeared in the network allegedly from the “White Helmets” shooting pavilion in East Guta. There is a co-personal and dressing room: sham human limbs, a bottle of cine blood, a make-up suite. In another photo – one of the “white-helmets” generously covers children with building dust, to make them look like they were dragged from the rubble of a victim of bombing.
But we in this photo were interested in another detail – a movie-cracker with inscriptions in Arabic. From above it is legible: “National cinema organi-zation”. This is a real Syrian film company, making documentary films. We found their shooting from April 5 – the cracker looks completely different. In our photo, for some reason, neither the title of the film nor the date of filming. On the bottom line: the name of the director Nazhdat Anzhur is extremely illeg-ible. In the past, this is a truly famous Syrian film actor, and until recently – the chairman of the parliament of Syria. That is, “White Helmets” their sham una-bashedly savor and do everything themselves to be exposed.
The Helmets do not seem to hide much that they are a fake factory – someone even calls them “the PR department of the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda.” But is not it shameful for the United States to base its accusations against Damascus and Moscow on such substandard fakes? However, “White Helmets” for this purpose were created. They, if you remember, are financed by the United Kingdom and the United States.
It is good, if the victims are fake and die only for the picture. A year ago, a human rights organization of doctors from Sweden accused the “White hel-mets” of killing children for the sake of realistic cadres. The obvious puncture of the authors of the new production drew attention and the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
“Many people saw this footage here, when children and adults are show-ered with water from buckets abundantly, with people who are in no way pro-tected from the possible impact of the substance from which the affected peo-ple have given help. This is all very similar to the one-year-old cadres where the so-called “White Helmets”, proved their fraudulent nature, without any special means of protection, they worked with a funnel, which, according to the same “White Helmets”, was formed as a result of dropping bombs with sarin !, “recalled the head of Russian diplomacy.
A year ago in Idlib – identical frames. Hospital, children. Only from sarin their pupils should be narrowed. But the handicraft script-owners and their owners, such a study of the details, apparently seemed superfluous.

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