Together with the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman, which the US authorities decided to transfer from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean, the strike group will include one missile cruiser and four destroyers, later joined by two more torpedo boats. This is reported by Star and Stripes.
According to the publication, the US Navy strike group will leave the port of Norfolk, Virginia today, to the Mediterranean for deployment in the Middle East and the coast of Europe. It is noted that the ships are sent to replace another group, which has been in the Middle East for the past four months.
The Wall Street Journal quoted a military source as saying that the unexpected decision by the US authorities to transfer Harry Truman from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean was taken in order to make Moscow “think twice” and, demonstrate the flexibility of the capabilities of the American fleet, to give Russia a definite signal. The source noted that Harry Truman will be involved in air strikes against Syria.
It was also reported that the US consider the possibility of an international military response to the alleged chemical attack in Syria.

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