It looks like the US has problems in Syria. Before that, waging war, as the Americans say, against terrorists, they somehow managed to avoid losses among military personnel.
Of course, everyone understood that the United States did not conduct any military operations against terrorists, but instructed, trained and supplied weapons, as they call them, moderate terrorists. Therefore, they felt so confident in the militants’ surroundings.
But since April everything has changed, and only this week more than 30 servicemen were killed. This week became the most bloody for Washington during the war.
As it became known, in Syria there was a grouping calling itself the Syrian people’s resistance, they consider themselves not to terrorists, but to the partisans who protect their homeland from the invaders.
And they are very active.
So, only according to official reports there were events:
On March 30, a moving column of US military was undermined on the Abyad-Hasaka road, two out of six jeeps were destroyed, six military were killed, and eight were wounded.
On the same day, on the road from Minbijah to Rakku, a column of jeeps was shot from large-caliber machine guns, 15 people were killed.
On April 1, four people entered the settlement of Al-Shaddady, where the Americans are based, and killed 8 soldiers and wounded several of them.
On April 2, guerrillas fired missiles “Grad” on the US base located in the area of Rakka, the number of dead was not announced.
On April 4, in the northeast of Syria, a high-ranking US military motorcade was attacked. No casualties were reported.
On April 7, a missile strike was made at the US base in the north of Rakka, the number of dead was not reported.
As the partisans themselves say, they will attack the US at every opportunity and will fight until the last American soldier leaves Syria. They report on their activities on the WarGonzo telegram, so that the Americans can not hide all the attacks.

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