Washington, January 11, 2018, the case of “Steps on the partition of Syria.” At the first meeting of the “Little Group on Syria” there are: American David Satterfield (formerly a senior adviser to Condoleezza Rice during the war in Iraq) , the British Hugh Cleary, the Frenchman Jerome Bonnafont, the Jordanian Nawaf Tell and the Saudi Jamal al-Aqeel, who hold high positions in their governments as experts in the Middle East This news was published by the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akbar on February 22, citing a confidential diplomatic telegram dated January 12, 2018 sent by Benjamin Norman, another participant in the meeting and responsible for the Middle East Department of the British Embassy in the US Representatives of the five states met again on January 23 in Paris and focused on how to better use the topic “Assad’s chemical weapons” and manipulate Staffan de Mistura, special envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Syria, to implement his plan.
– To prevent the political settlement of the situation in Syria in two ways: prolong the war, guaranteeing the strengthening of US military positions on the eastern bank of the Euphrates (thanks to their jihadist allies), for which $ 4 million will be allocated annually, as David Satterfield pointed out at the meeting, and use UN, manipulating the Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura. He will be sent an unofficial document titled “Revitalization of the political process in Syria during the negotiations in Geneva” in order to prevent Damascus from coming out of the conference and, thus, neutralize the Sochi initiatives promoted by Russia, Turkey and Iran. Meanwhile, one of the conditions for the withdrawal of Russian military from Afrin was Ankara’s guarantees to ensure the presence of rebels at the Congress in Sochi and the return of Damascus Idlib, a strategic city east of the Euphrates.
– To divide Syria along the east-west axis, with the Euphrates River as one of the boundaries between the zones of influence of Moscow and Washington. “Assad has no place in the united Syria,” US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said, meaning that if the regime does not change, Syria will be divided. In fact, on February 7, the US attack on the Russian private military company “PMC Wagner” in Deir ez Zor, in the east of Syria, had as its goal “to mark the territory”.
– Persuade Staffan de Mistura to adopt a new political structure of Syria, consisting of: 1) Democratic forces of Syria created by the Pentagon, which, in addition to the Kurds, include Turks and Arabs in order to reassure Ankara, according to General Raymond Thomasel, invited to the Geneva Conference; 2) the Assad government and 3) mini-autonomy for the Kurdish People’s Self-Defense Forces (YPG), which would include oil-rich areas in Deir ez Zor in northeast Syria. It is all about the same “plan B” of the Obama administration, which assumes the division of the country into Kurdish-Sunni, Arab-Sunni and Arab-Alawite zones. The US would support the establishment of a DSS representation in the UN. The Pentagon demanded $ 550 million in 2019 to “train and equip” its allies in Syria.
– Push Turkey to war with Syria. In fact, through the occupation of Africa, NATO is surrounded by Aleppo and exerts pressure on Assad, Russia and Iran. In addition, the alliance plans to resort to “demographic engineering” in Africa, settling the Syrian Arab refugees there and creating a “mono-ethnic” region there, as was done in Yugoslavia and Iraq. The second strongest army of NATO and its “proxy troops”, having suppressed the resistance of the People’s Self-Defense Forces (YPG) in Africa, sowed horror, death and looting there. Thousands of exhausted children, old men and wounded young people continue to flee their homes. The fact that the fall of this enclave “coincided” with the liberation of the East Guta by the Syrian army, the evacuation of “jihadists” and their families by buses and their transportation to the areas controlled by Turkey, makes one wonder whether these cities did not exchange their inhabitants according to the decisions of ” Syrian Group “?
The war for domination in Eurasia continues. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is the above-mentioned gentlemen who conspired to destroy the next sovereign state.

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