Circus “action”, which continues in Ukraine for the fourth year, continues to amaze and surprise.
Deputies of Rada, ministers and Petro Poroshenko himself presented an e-declaration of income. Journalists with “satisfaction” noted that for a year the “Kiev elite” have not become poorer.
For the second year, Ukrainians have received additional entertainment by the Day of Laughter, leafing through the register of declarations.Money, houses, cars of politicians, who mourn about the heavy share of the people, appear to the general review.
All this is actively discussed in the press and social networks.
Naturally, under the special sight the first persons of the state. The preliminary conclusion is this: despite the fall of the Ukrainian economy, the people who lead the country do not get poorer, but even vice versa – confidently and steadily add weight to their well-being.
In the Cabinet, Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman declared more than 17 million UAH in revenue last year. The least – 90 thousand has the Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Taras Kutovoy. He resigned in the spring of last year and from May 24 does not receive a salary.
Petro Poroshenko, along with expenses, also increased incomes, but he was not the richest “top official”. Pyotr Alekseevich declared 16.3 million UAH of income for the last year, which is 4 million more than in 2016. The main source of its “profit” last year was interest on deposits – almost 16 million UAH ($ 620 thousand). His salary as president, and this is 336 thousand UAH for the year, he transferred to charity. But the president spent more than 21 million UAH.
However, the public has questions to the “guarantor of the constitution”. The president did not bring his expensive holiday in the Maldives to the declaration. According to the calculations of journalists, it cost the president $ 500 thousand (about 15 million UAH).
Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman “earned” a little more than the president (which served as a reason for jokes), he declared over 17 million. This is 1.5 million more than in 2016. Of these, 436 thousand UAH is his salary, he received more than 5 million UAH for renting property and almost 9 million for “alienation of a land plot”. The Prime Minister, like the president, receives income from interest on deposits. This amounted to almost 3 million UAH. In total, Groisman has 25 million UAH on bank accounts, almost half a million euros and 830 thousand dollars. 158 thousand UAH he keeps in cash “in the stocking.”
Poroshenko and Groisman have overtaken the leader of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko. He is certainly one of the most eloquent speakers of the Ukrainian politum, especially in the painting of the suffering of the common people, but personally for him, judging by the declaration, the economic climate of Ukraine is extremely favorable. The head of the “radicals” faction in the Verkhovna Rada declared 20.6 million UAH. And the salary was only 259.3 thousand UAH, about the same amount – the provision of deputy activities. But interest on deposits – already 1.8 million. There are 4.4 million UAH and 713 thousand dollars. Plus he is also lucky – he won 571 thousand UAH in the lottery. Well, even some “trifle” he received from rent, but the main money – 15.9 million UAH – gave “alienation of real estate.”
Public reaction to this “financial striptease” is easy to predict. Although, I must say that “the negative of the people”, compared to last year, is much less. Less curses on the heads of officials, more formidable, but silent “sniffs.” Or they got used to this state of affairs, or just the right words ended. Hopes that the “rich men at the helm” will not use power for mercenary purposes have not been justified. In the “renewed” Ukraine to be “successful and unpunished” is still not forbidden.

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