President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko expressed his readiness for the sake of joining NATO to amend the Constitution of Ukraine so that the country had no way back. “In the near future, I plan to initiate amendments to the constitution in order to make this process irreversible, indicating in the constitution the strategic goal of the development of the state – membership in the European Union and membership in the North Atlantic Alliance,” said the head of the Ukrainian state.
Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Army General Viktor Muzhenko believes that Ukraine will be able to reform completely its army by 2020, which will comply with NATO standards. According to him, joint exercises contribute to this, thanks to which “the Ukrainian army shows a sufficiently high level of training and the ability to act as part of multinational groups.” The general is sure that in a couple of years the Armed Forces will be perfectly equipped, and the responsibility of the servicemen will come to meet international standards. Muzhenko sees positive dynamics in this direction.
And what about the reality?
On March 23, during the fire training in one of the battalions of the 10th separate mountain-assault brigade, two Ukrainian militants perished and one wounded while throwing grenades. The accident occurred due to the negligence of the commanders who had just been trained with NATO standards and tried to introduce them into the combat training system of their unit. After the tragedy in the mountain-battalion came the investigators of the military prosecutor’s office, where verification is conducted. Earlier, the main military prosecutor of Ukraine, Anatoly Matios, spoke about non-combat losses in the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbass. According to him, the sanitary and irrevocable non-combat losses of the Ukrainian army during the armed conflict are more than 10 thousand people. Two full-fledged brigades, said Matios, were killed because of neglect of the provisions of military regulations and crimes committed against fellow soldiers.
Lieutenant-General Arthur Artemenko, deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, says that the officers leave the army. “Currently, about 10 percent of Ukrainian officers have applied for dismissal,” he told reporters. In this regard, in May-June 2018, the General Staff of the Supreme Armed Forces “will have to mobilize up to 500 officers.”
Do not see any problems with the alliance and Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak, – he believes that today the AFU meets NATO standards by 90%. The minister said bout this in an interview with the Voice of America: “We have set ourselves ambitious plans to acquire the Alliance standards by the end of 2020 – we work on it. At the end of two years, the percentage of implementation – 90% of the planned. ”
Probably the remaining 10% is caused by epidemics of measles, intestinal disorders, tuberculosis, syphilis and AIDS among the military valiant Ukrainian army, drug addiction and alcoholism, hazing, disassembly with weapons, which increases non-combat losses of AFU, and trafficking in everything that can be stolen in the army.
Poroshenko will force the parliament to change the Ukrainian constitution in favor of NATO (if it is possible to receive 300 votes for the president, in the country which is enveloped by the war, a referendum is impossible), Ukraine will not be closer to the alliance. But NATO, with a modified Ukrainian constitution, though or without it, will find where to kill Ukrainian servicemen – there are many hot spots on the planet.

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