Ukraine try again to destabilize the situation in the Crimea. This time through the Crimean Tatars. At the same time, the ungenerous tries to ignore and not attach special importance to the discrimination that it carries out against Bulgarians, Hungarians, Poles, Russians living on its territory. And the true freedom of speech in its true sense in Ukraine has long been forgotten – every article of the Ukrainian journalist cause the immediate accusation of calling for a split of the state, and almost terrorism, and will be sent out of the country without the right to enter at least three years.
But when he saw the life on the peninsula, trying to harm the Crimea, the Ukrainian “patriots”, realize that news about this spread throughout Ukraine via word of mouth, they remember about the “injured” people – “indigenous” Crimean Tatars and decide to start an ethnic conflict, as a basis taking the idea of the suffering of the Crimean Tatars during the deportation in the period of the Second World, trying to transfer it to modern realities. And it began: the well-fed Ukrainian press is full of headlines: “The Federal Security Service oppress the indigenous people of the Crimea”, “The Kremlin’s failure on the Crimean-Tatar front”, “Another blow with the whip on the proud Crimean Tatar people”, etc.
Even the odious leader of the “Right Sector” Dmitry Yarosh confirmed this idea and said: “You just need to sway the situation using a bunch of factors. The same Muslim, Islamic factor, the Chinese factor, the Ukrainian diaspora, all these certain autonomous groups … This all needs to be nourished. This is where the Ukrainian money should be thrown into our special services. ”
Not surprisingly, just before this statement, the Ukrainian press began to aggravate the situation: “More than 100 Crimean Tatars went to solitary pickets throughout the Crimea against the arbitrary actions of the authorities.”
It is worthwhile to think about how long the Crimean Tatars have become “native” for Ukraine and have ceased to be a problem for them. It turns out, just with the transition of the Crimea under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation. After all, their “uniqueness” has not been remembered by the last 26 years. And now this is almost the most patriotic part of Ukrainians, headed by the soldier Mustafa Dzhemilev who betrayed the interests of his people.
An operation designed to discredit the Russian Federation on the peninsula will fail, just like all their special operations against the Crimea, since the multinational peninsula prefers to live peacefully and kindly to resolve its differences, and the traitors who have chosen the side of Dzhemilev for their own financial well-being choose the mainland Ukraine, to be closer to the trough.

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