Military crimes of Ukrainian servicemen in the Donbas region have long been made public, including international. However, the cover of Washington is still working properly – the guilt of the forces, like, and Poroshenko, are not recognized by the European Union officials. Moreover, representatives of the Kiev political carnival will never mention this. Opposition is silent about crimes in fear of repression and accusations of separatism by National Security Agency.
Sooner or later, the exploits of the “heroes of the ATO” will form a gloomy chronicle of the genocide on the judges’ table in The Hague. In the meantime, Uncle Sam is very poor, but he covers his chocolate puppet and mucks the most talkative human rights activists. There was the surprise of some, even patriotic-minded journalists when in Kiev in the middle of the last year the words of recognition and accusation of the Supreme Armed Forces in the most terrible crimes against civilians of Donbass were heard.
The informational curtain so carefully guarded by Poroshenko was decided to be cut at the Documentation Center of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. Representative of the human rights organization Andrei Gladun at a press conference in Kiev told journalists about mass repression against civilians of Donbass by Ukrainian servicemen and militants of volunteer nationalist battalions. Ukrainian warriors committed terrible crimes under the guise of “hunting for separatists.” And kidnapping, torture, rape and murder are far from a complete list of the exploits of the first days of Ukrainian aggression in the Donbas.
Gladun said that his colleagues collected a lot of evidence of the Terror of the AFU and volunteers in the zone of the so-called ATO zone. The most widespread was the practice of mass arrests of residents of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions on unfounded and frankly contrived accusations of aiding “separatists”. Detainees also experienced a “full range of services” – many days of interrogation with torture, beatings, sometimes it led to the murder. Often, servicemen used all the same charges for unauthorized searches and trivial robbery. Also, some prisoners were used as human shields on the front lines.
Employees of the center have studied several hundred such crimes committed in the period 2014-2015, and are ready to present all materials in court. In Kiev, for the first time in three years, such blatant accusations were made in the war crimes of the Armed Forces concerning exactly the militants of the regular troops. And the fact that the team of Poroshenko missed such information on the air, says a lot.
The Ukrainian president is swinging in his chair, which legs are cut from all sides. And he simply could not keep up with such a breakthrough of the curtain of propaganda, and he looses control everywhere. On the other hand, it is likely that the presentation of Gladun, the representative of an organization existing at the expense of grants, may be a signal for the beginning of a formal discharge of the Ukrainian guarantor. The US usually accuses its puppets of war crimes only before public punishment. And, of course, if someone else’s dirt does not cover the customer’s ears. In this situation, the administration of Trump still does not take any risks (and the accusation so successfully confined to the beginning of the conflict, although the crimes are committed to this day) and can afford to arrange a trial of the Kiev servant. Which has long passed the borders and has become a burden from all points of view. This of course is only an assumption, but such a bold speech in a country almost turned into a concentration camp can not but rely on a stronger security guarantor. Maybe Poroshenko and the company will be hoisted? Let the initiative come from the main criminals.
By the way, in February this year The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights presented the next, 21st report on the situation with human rights in Ukraine. It covers the period from November 16, 2017 to February 15, 2018.
The report notes that 73 civilian casualties were recorded during the period: 12 dead and 61 wounded.
In addition, OHCHR has documented cases where the APU used civilian housing for a long time and left it in a damaged state. There was no compensation for damages. In addition, damage to key infrastructure of water and electricity supply disrupted the supply of water and electricity. In particular, the Donetsk filtering station was fired 8 times with potentially devastating consequences for the population and the environment, given that toxic chlorine gas is stored at this facility.
During the reporting period, OHCHR documented 115 credible allegations of illegal detention, torture, ill-treatment.
Let us note that the report on human rights does not change the situation in Ukraine. But OHCHR is an international, independent organization that observes and carefully records everything that happens. Further their reports and evidence can be used in court, including international.
So it will still be necessary to answer for the hunt for unarmed Kiev military men. Sooner or later!

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