The source reported about the death of six US military in Syria and the wounding of eight soldiers. According to the source, the loss is a consequence of the partisan attack. The motorcade was undermined.
As a result of the attack by the Syrian militia, six American soldiers were killed, eight more servicemen were injured of varying degrees of severity. It is a matter of undermining the American motorcade, where about 30 US representatives were located.
Earlier, members of the group “Syrian resistance” said about the shelling of the US military base in Rakka. However, no casualties were reported at that time. It was specified that the representatives of the group put forward demands to the Americans: they must leave the Syrian lands and recall bandit groups that are influenced by Washington.
On the deaths and injuries of the US military in the motorcade on Tuesday, April 3, reports the own source of WarGonzo in the headquarters of the Kurdish grouping.
In total there were about 30 US military in the motorcade. As we reported earlier from 6 vehicles – two were destroyed. After the explosion, the motorcade could not continue moving, – the report says.
The group was evacuated from the place of undermining by the helicopters of the US Air Force. All the victims were taken to a base in Al-Shaddady. Over the past three days, this is the only incident with the death of the US military, the source added.

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