The terrorist group “Jays al-Islam” asked to relocate its militants from the city of the Duma in Eastern Guta (suburb of Damascus) to the Kalamun area in the north of Damascus or to the province of Dara in southern Syria, said military sources on Thursday. The Iranian news agency FARS referred to military sources.
According to reports, the terrorists of “Jays al-Islam” called on the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria to help them move from the Duma in Eastern Guta to Eastern Kalamun or to Daraa province, which is the second request that has already been rejected by both Damascus and the Russian Center for reconciliation.
Sources said that the main obstacle to concluding an agreement with militants in the Duma is the refusal of the group of “Jaysh Al-Islam” from transportation to Northern Syria.
Sources added that the terrorists reported their complete dislike of the pro-Turkish militants stationed in the north of Syria. Therefore, “Jaysh al-Islam” refuses to go to the provinces of Aleppo or Idlib.
Local sources said on Wednesday that several units of the Syrian army had recently been relocated from eastern Damascus to the northern part of Dara’a province, as the military switched their attention to the southern province against the reports of the intensification of terrorist cells in these areas.
Sources say that recently a large number of Syrian military were transferred to the base of the 15th brigade near the terrorist city of Inkhil in the northern part of Daraa province.
Earlier it was reported that several units from the 5th, 7th and 9th divisions of the SAA were returned from Eastern Guta to the provinces of Daraa and Al Quneitra.
By all indications pointing to the south of Syria as the next military target of the Syrian leadership after the end of the operation in East Gut and southern Damascus, the army is likely to continue to build up its troops in Dara and Al-Quneitra before the offensive on the position of terrorists in these provinces.

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