The era of the Internet has splashed out on the surface of the ocean of popularity the most assorted scum. And do not be surprised by this. A bastard feels his time. It curses with rapture and revels in impunity.
In the old days, when scoundrels and bastards were calculated faster, be-cause there were fewer people, and mobile communication as a category was lacking, the people acted purely pragmatically – stripped the signified bastard, watered with pitch, sprinkled with feathers and sent them outside the city gates.
Now, due to the development of information technology, any untamed scoundrel can feel at the top of power over people, trite, spitting them in the soul. It is time for scoundrels.
The most active in this time are the Ukrainian nazi. It is understandable: the they are tired to be brewed in various types of boilers. It hurts by the way. But quite another matter is to make issues for the so-called “vatniks” in the in-formation space.
So the banderlogists rushed into their last and decisive battle. They be-gan to fight for the bodies of the soul of the “oppressed” people of Donetsk.
Thus, since March 20, residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic are ac-tively discussing the issue of holding March 31 this year the protest action on Lenin Square in Donetsk. The first source of dissemination of this information was the group in the social network “Vkontakte” (/ vk.som/donkarella). The group includes about 20 people who are engaged in the dissemination of pro-vocative information in popular social networks. The administrator of this community is the Ukrainian blogger Andrei Chernyshev, who uses acute social and economic problems in the DPR to stir up tension between the authorities and residents of the republic. At the same time A.Chernyshev uses unproven facts and unfounded accusations in his articles. One of the examples of such work is the article of February 21 this year. “A measles outbreak in the village. Enkakievo “(vk.som/wally63163778 168), which does not correspond to the reality of what happens in the locality. Note that A.Chernyshev does not live in the territory of the DPR and to obtain information about certain offenses in the field of social security of citizens, he uses informants residing. In the same time, the activities of A.Chernyshev and his group are actively supported and sponsored by the security service of Ukraine.
Well, let’s deal with it.
It is well known how people live in the zone of armed conflict. To receive a pension, pensioners from villages and cities located on the territory of the Donbass, must undertake exhausting trips for the “border”. They have to get on the buses and reach the demarcation line. To overcome it and enter the inte-rior of the territory of the ATO zone under Kiev’s control, it is necessary to go through a series of exhausting bureaucratic procedures. And not everyone can get the money due to them.

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