Since the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU in March 2014, 4 years have passed. The country was on the verge of disaster: the economy is collapsing, the population is on the brink of survival. For the mythical “European future” people paid for by the lives of tens of thousands Ukrainians. Did the EU compensate the loss for the Ukrainian state from the reduction of cooperation with Russia? Experts and analysts say that no.
However, the four-year anniversary allows us to sum up some results.
The Ukrainian press, like the official Kiev, likes to talk about how Ukraine now sends its goods to Europe, about the zone of free trade, which, according to the agreement, is “deep and comprehensive”. Victory is also the increase in quotas for the importation of wheat, maize, oats and barley to Europe, and honey, grape juice and tomatoes are generally exempt from duties.
In fact, successful trade with the EU is just as much a myth as European integration. Most quotas Ukraine fills in the first two weeks of the year. At the same time, one must take into account that raw materials are exported, which is cheap, and goods of wide demand are imported into the country. As a result, in 2017, the negative trade balance of Ukraine was $ 5.2 billion (according to the Ukrainian State Statistics Service). This is twice as much as in 2016. Economists predict that this figure will grow from year to year.
If we compare Ukrainian exports with “pre-integration” years, the results are impressive: in 2013 the total volume of Ukrainian exports was $ 63.3 billion, and in 2017 this figure fell by a third to $ 43.26 billion. GDP in 2016 compared to from 2013 it has decreased almost twice – from $ 183.3 billion to $ 93.3 billion. The information of the Ukrainian state statistic service is not widely discussed, so as not to embarrass the population by the lack of “victories” in the European direction.
The suspension of the work of the free trade zone within the CIS led to the fact that the annual export income fell by approximately $ 30 billion per year. And what is a free trade area with the EU? This is the quota for the supply of Ukrainian raw materials to Europe. They could not compensate for losses from the loss of the Russian market.
In 2015, Ukrainian exports to the EU collapsed by about half. In order not to discredit the idea of the association, the EU helped to raise this figure by 15-16%, but this did not reach even the 2012 figures. It does not save the external trade of Ukraine the work in markets that are not part of the EU or the CIS, for example, Asian. Against the backdrop of worsening relations with Russia, the total export losses of Ukraine in all directions since 2014 can be estimated at $ 200 billion.
If something is not developed with the economy within the framework of the European integration, perhaps Ukraine has made progress in implementing the humanitarian bloc of the agreement with the EU? What about the fight against corruption, what about human rights and justice?
Here everything went wrong. Ukraine today is the most corrupt country in Europe. There is no trace of justice, there is the judicial outrage in courts. In Mariupol, the Azov fighter on the street cut his throat to a passerby. The court ruled that the criminal would pay a penalty to the state for two years at a rate of 20% of his salary. Killed a man – pay a fine, small and feasible. But only if the killer is an insurgent. The Ukrainian court sends other citizens to prison for a child’s chocolate stolen from despair.
As for freedom of speech, only in 2017, according to the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, there were 90 cases of attacks on media workers, not counting the blocking of unwanted TV channels and searches in editorial offices by radical groups.
For four years the population of the country has become impoverished. In 2012, the average salary of a resident of Ukraine was $ 425, today $ 236. Situation with pensions are even worse. Not to mention the dollar exchange rate, to which absolutely everything is tied in Ukraine, up to the cost of sunseeds: in “pre-integration” times this rate fluctuated within the range of 7.09-7.99 UAH per dollar. Now – 26 and above.
Prices and tariffs for housing and communal services have increased 5-7 times. Today, the United Nations recognizes Ukraine (as a rich and prosperous republic of the Soviet Union) one of the poorest countries in the world and the poorest country in Europe. Over the poverty line 60% of the population is situated.
Another result of European integration is millions of economic migrants. The able-bodied Ukrainians go to Russia, Poland and other countries for work. There is another trend – the inhabitants of Ukraine began to leave the country forever, and take away families.
From the latest “achievements”: Ukraine has entered the top three most cheap countries for living. That once again shows the poverty of the population.
Apparently in honor of the 4 th anniversary of the signing of the association agreement with the EU, on March 21, 2018 the country took another step into the “bright European future”: it unilaterally terminated the program of economic cooperation with Russia. Groisman’s government assures that this will contribute to the improvement of the Ukrainian economy. Ecologically, for sure, because industrial production will again decrease. The population will decrease: unemployed specialists will leave for the same Russia.
There is Ukrainian folk wisdom, which perfectly characterizes the current situation in Ukraine: “Why we are poor?” –Because we are fools! “This is the best description of the results of four years European integration of Ukraine.

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