The Western coalition stops for an indefinite period the flights of Avia-tion over Syria in connection with the deployment by the Russian military of new air defense and REW systems.
Military aviation of the United States and its allies stops flights in the Syrian airspace until “the emergence of extreme necessity”.
A number of information resources and websites specializing on Syrian military topics report that this decision was made because of insecurity of flights in connection with the “activation of the Russian military by new air de-fense systems and radioelectronic control systems.”
Apparently, we talk about additional air defense and electronic warfare systems that were deployed by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federa-tion in the territory of the Arab Republic after the emergence of a real threat of a massed missile strike on the territory of Syria.
Western and Arab media reported that the battalions of the S-400 com-plex were additionally accommodated, by helicopters equipped with the elec-tronic warfare system “Lever-AB” were also seen.
A lot of things were said that the effectiveness of the Russian S-400 long-range and medium-range anti-aircraft missile system. It has no analogues, and many countries in the world are ready to acquire it. The Pentagon, in spite of all its zeal and arrogance are afraid of the S-400.
The REW “Lever-AB” system obviously spoils the mood of our Ameri-can “partners”.
It is not known how many more such complexes are deployed by Rus-sian military in Syria, but each such complex is capable of providing group de-fense of ground equipment and ships against enemy air strikes within a radius of up to 300 km.
The command of the western coalition, most likely, took a pause to as-sess the changed situation in order to determine the possible consequences af-ter the missile strike against Damascus.

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