Clashes between Kurds and Arabs

In the vicinity of the Syrian Rakka local clashes began between the local Arab population and the Kurds, which form the nucleus of the Democratic forces of Syria. A formal reason for the conflict is the arrest of one of the local tribal chiefs. However, experts believe that the parties have accumulated a lot of mutual offenses in recent years, and the “Islamic State” and the United States have become the immediate culprits of this enmity.
At this point in the city of Al-Mansur go fierce battles. Rebellious Arabs were able to repel a few roadblocks. Local residents who do not like Kurds on their territory hold rallies. They call the Democratic forces of Syria new invaders.
According to the independent Iranian news agency Fars, clashes between local residents and representatives of the coalition began in other settlements of the Syrian governorate of Rakka. During the clashes, both representatives of the SDF suffered, as well as local residents who managed to burn several strong points of the Democratic forces of Syria.
According to experts, one of the reasons for the growing discontent of the Arab population of Rakka is the attempts of the Kurdish side to extend its order to this province. In the autumn of 2016, representatives of the Kurdish party “Democratic Union” even supported the inclusion of the governorate of Rakka in the self-proclaimed Kurdish autonomy. It is possible that the Kurdish leadership can return to this idea, analysts say.
The Kurds want the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria to have a permanent army among the quasi-state that they proclaimed, to which the entire population of the region, including the Arabs, would be called. But these attempts are a fertile ground for conflicts.
This reaction of the local population was quite expected. Arabs perceive the Kurds precisely as invaders. Kurds are trying to put their own local government and refuse to negotiate with Damascus. Naturally, the local tribes who opposed the Kurdish armed formations did not like this.
It is the behavior of the Kurds and the United States, who openly demonstrated their unwillingness to share their already inadequate resources and power in the areas they captured, has become a provocative factor. The local tribes did not have any other option than to defend their native lands with their own weapons.
Today, most of the population of Rakka is Sunni Arabs, before the war in this province, a Kurdish minority lived, but the Kurds were forced to flee when the “Islamic state” came. If the Sunni Arabs were perceived by the leadership of the IG as potential subjects who could live in the territory of the caliphate, obeying its laws, then the Kurds, as well as the Shiites, had much worse – their takfiristy in a number of cases executed. This electoral cruelty of the IG also laid the foundation for inter-confessional contradictions in the region, experts say. Therefore, if there is no peaceful life in Rakka, all the accumulated contradictions and mutual insults may develop into a new confrontation.

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