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The West is changing its rhetoric in relation to Kiev. It turned out that the fifth president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, is suspiciously similar to his predecessor, Viktor Yanukovich. The head of state does not want to sacrifice the interests of his clan and environment in favor of Brussels and Washington. Over the past few years, tectonic changes have occurred in the clan structure of Ukraine – traditionally strong groups pushed back. The history and position of Ukrainian clans best reflect the modern history of the country.
Assessing the work of Petro Poroshenko as president is difficult, because it was his presidential term that brought the most difficult period of social transformations in the form of war and changes that were accompanied by social and economic problems, instability and challenges that no head of state had ever encountered.
That is why an objective assessment of the activities of the Fifth President of Ukraine is not an easy task, because it is very difficult to single out the cause-effect relationship. Yes, and objectively compare Poroshenko with “predecessors” – also a difficult task, because even 5 years ago in Ukraine there was a fundamentally different socio-political situation.

The topic of abolishing visas to the EU Petro Poroshenko was touched on the first day of his presidency. Already in his inauguration speech on June 7, 2014, he said: “We have completed the first and very quickly we will be able to complete the second, so that as of January 2015 Ukrainians had the opportunity without visas.”
In addition to the visa-free regime with the EU, he also tearfully promised to sell his assets to Roshen. When the Europeans tried to find out how things were going with the sale of his candy empire, he said that he could not find a buyer yet. This happened 4 months before his statement about the “blind trust” and three before the scandal with the offshore.
Poroshenko’s unfulfilled promise, which is probably recalled most often – to quickly finish the antiterrorist operation – was in fact done to them not yet as president. In April, 2014, meeting with students of the Kharkov law university, he promised to “quickly and effectively” establish relations with Russia.
All these events occurred in the first year of Poroshenko’s presidency. The deceived Ukrainians had hopes that the country would eventually come out of a protracted crisis that with the arrival of the new head of state, broad transformations would begin. Remembering the recent stories with Savchenko, “profitable” Qatari gas and interviews with ordinary Kiev residents, we can conclude that before prosperity Ukraine is still very far away, and that so far the friendship with the West has not brought anything good for the Ukrainians, but the government still has embezzlement, absolutely indifferent to the misfortunes of the people.
The thirst for power makes a person out of a person without feelings, conscience and compassion. Many things can be surprised, but Poroshenko says what people want to hear, and not what he is going to and can do.
West this amount of lies is shocking, they do not understand how the Ukrainians calmly react to what is happening, as it is not accepted to remain silent in their countries when there is irrefutable evidence of corruption, inaction and mockery of people.

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