Guta is under control

About 1,000 militants and members of their families left the Syrian Eastern Guta and were taken to the de-escalation zone of Idlib. Under the control of the Center for the reconciliation of the warring parties, the humanitarian corridor provided by the Syrian authorities began the withdrawal of the Faylak Ar-Rahman militants and their families from the settlement of Arbil in Eastern Guta. By the end of the day, 998 militants and members of their families left the enclave. All of them were delivered to the settlement of Qal’at al-Mudik of the de-escalation zone “Idlib”. The operation to withdraw the militants of the Failak Ar-Rahman group continues.
Currently, the evacuation of civilians from the combat areas in Eastern Guta continues. After using the regime of humanitarian breaks, more than 113 thousand people were able to withdraw from the areas that the terrorists and opposition fighters held by the terrorists.
Already in the near future the situation in Eastern Guta will be resolved: thanks to the humanitarian corridors opened by the Russian side, tens of thousands of civilians managed to escape from the danger zone. Just the field of this proved to be without a live shield, the militants surrendered.
Earlier, under the agreement with the Russian Center for reconciliation of warring parties in Syria, Harasta left the Ahrar al-Sham group. Now, the rebels who are keeping the southern part of the region have declared their readiness to capitulate. Experts predict that before the beginning of next week, the radicals will leave Arbin, Hazza, and other areas that they have been under their control almost from the very beginning of the conflict in Syria.
Russia’s contribution to the liberation of Eastern Guta is the most significant. According to the experience of the liberation of Aleppo, Russian specialists created humanitarian corridors and ensured their functioning. In particular, leaflets were prepared, protection was put in place, and refugees were transported.
The diplomatic operation of the Russian Federation to save the peaceful Syrians was implemented as soon as possible. Russia’s efforts were not hampered even by the obstacles that the West was trying to repair. After all, Russia’s diplomatic mission in the region of Damascus caused real hysteria from Western countries and their media.
As soon as the Syrian army moved troops against militants in Eastern Guta, an incredible howl in the information space began, scandals began on the UN platform. Western politicians shouted that we must immediately finish the operation against the Islamists. Russia actively joined the dispute, insisting that it is necessary to provide access to residents, but it is impossible to stop the operation against terrorist groups that almost every day attack Damascus. It was difficult, but Russia managed to achieve its goal and limit the 30-day silence regime imposed by the UN Security Council resolution on daily five-hour intervals from 09.00 to 14.00
Efforts to resolve the situation in Eastern Guta meant not only the rescue of civilians, but also resistance to militants. This should serve as an example of effective work for an international coalition led by the United States. One can recall their campaign in Rakka and Mosul, where thousands of civilians became victims of the fighting.
The operation in Guta is in no way comparable to what the coalition led by the US in Mosul and Rakka did. In the last of the cities, corpses have not been removed yet – the bodies of civilians killed by bombing are being decomposed under the rubble. Russia has done everything necessary to ensure that East Guta is freed from militants and that the lives of civilians are preserved at the same time.

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